Maybe Mom was the real legend all along.

Though video games are more mainstream now than they’ve ever been, gaming is still a hobby with a pretty stark generational divide in many households, and some parents don’t appreciate how much time their kids spend with a controller in their hands. So it might not come as such a big surprise that when Kengo Matsumoto’s (@mangadaisuki15 on Twitter) mom saw him indulging in an extended play session of Apex Legends, she had a few words for him.

But hey, it’s parents’ job to make sure their kids are using their time in the best way possible, right? So Mama Matsumoto couldn’t just sit there and stay quiet while she felt her son wasn’t properly applying himself, and to fulfill her motherly duty she told Kengo:

“Look, you keep jumping out right in front of your opponents, and that’s why you keep losing.”

No “Quit wasting time playing video games and go clean your room,” “I wish you were as enthusiastic about studying as you are about playing games,” or “How can you stay inside on such a beautiful sunny day?” Mom apparently has no complaints about gaming itself, but if you’re gonna game, you should game right.

“She was totally correct, and it made me reflect on my actions,” tweets Matsumoto. Still, he wondered how much of Apex’s play mechanics his mom had been able to grasp from casual observation, so he asked “Wait, do you understand how this game is played?” to which she replied:

“I understand that you keep getting killed right away.”

Sniper-level precision on the comeback, and other commenters were also quick to shoot appreciative comments Mom’s way:

“That’s one tough mama.”
“Nice coaching there.”
“Did your mom used to be in the Japan Self-Defense Forces?”
“Mom’s advice: ‘An ounce of cover is worth a pound of healing.’”

A few fellow gamers also chimed in with stories of their own family members’ analysis of their strategical shortcomings:

“Every time I play, my mom says ‘See? They get you while you’re reloading.’”
“Back when I was playing Dark Souls, my wife would get so pissed and say ‘Fer cryin’ out loud, you gotta back up more if you don’t wanna get shanked while you’re drinkin’ from the Estus flask!’”

While gaming is Matsumoto’s hobby, he’s a professional manga artist by trade, and currently writing/drawing Totsuide Kita Yome ga Aiso Warai Bakari Shite (“My Wife Always Makes Herself Smile”), which can be purchased through Amazon here.

▼ Cover of the first collected volume of Totsuide Kita Yome ga Aiso Warai Bakari Shite

No word on whether Matsumoto’s mom also gives him advice while he’s drawing.

Source: Twitter/@mangadaisuki15 via Otakomu
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