2013.11.21 VG face iii

It has been a great year for gamers. Two new game consoles—PlayStation 4 and Xbox One— have ushered in a new generation of living room gaming, and then scientists gave us some delicious data to throw back in mom’s face about how spending all that time glued to the NES was actually making us smarter. And to add to the year of good news, a very (un)official poll of about 50 couples at Joypolis arcade in Tokyo said that playing video games actually makes you more attractive on a date!

But which games are best to impress, and does it really work? Click below to find out as well as to participate in our official RocketNews24 poll to test this theory of video games’ effects on beauty.

Shattering the stereotype of the lonely video game-playing nerd, the teenage and 20-something couples surveyed overwhelmingly said that they actually found their significant other more attractive when they watched them play video games. About 81% of these couples also said that playing video games, specifically ones like the tile-matching game Puyo Puyo, together can make their relationship closer. Something about the puzzle aspect of the game made couples feel more connected, unlike shooting games that left them feeling cold. The couples also recommended two-player games where lovebirds can play at the same time.

Apparently, seeing your significant other playing video games allows you to better understand and see their mannerisms as well. We can only guess it comes from the intensity video games can bring out unlike normal date activities like watching a movie or eating dinner. Something about frantically trying to match that one last Tetris tile before losing draws out raw emotions that couples normally do not experience.

Although this video game concentration face may be attractive to a date, we wonder if the effect works on people intensely playing a video game alone. If a face concentrated on getting the highest score on Dr. Mario can impress a date, can the same face also woo our readers? That is why we have asked our very own Mr. Sato to help us out. First, take a look at his “video game face.”

2013.11.21 video game face

2013.11.21 VG face ii

No stranger to beauty regiments, makeovers and fashion trends, Mr. Sato agreed to participate in this official RocketNews24 poll about the effect that video games have on beauty. That is where you, our beloved readers, come in. We have three non-video game playing photos for you to compare to Mr. Sato’s “video game face” above. Take a look at the photos below and be sure to answer our poll at the bottom!

▼ Is a giant stick of grilled chicken a better accessory than a video game?

2013.11.21 Mr. Sato 1

▼ Can Mr. Sato improve his parasol/fundoshi on the beach realness with a video game?

2013.11.21 Mr. Sato2

▼ Does fake cleavage trump “game face Sato”?

2013.11.21 Mr. Sato 3

Click away, good people! Let us, and our man, know which look suits him best!

Source: ShuPure News
Images: RocketNews24