New puppy in town faces harsh roommate interview from a bunch of Munchkin cats 【VIDEO】

Moving into a new house with strangers can be an intimidating experience. There they are, sizing you up, judging the state of your fur and paws, wondering if you’re going to be the kind of pup who keeps their home clean or turns it into a pigsty. Even worse is when the current residents didn’t exactly get a say in your arrival. It’s enough to make you cower in your doggy cage.

Which is what happened when this adorable puppy found herself the newest resident in a house full of skeptical Munchkin cats!

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【Monday Kickstart】Video of adorable puppy jumping into person’s arms goes viral

Is it love at first sight for this puppy and its human visitor?

Surprise, surprise! Another animal video on the internet has gone viral! The short clip appears to show a woman visiting the dog section of a pet shop. After she picks up an adorable white Pomeranian puppy, it seems to be smitten with her and jumps into her arms over and over again, no matter how many times she places it back in its case.

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We bet you don’t love natto as much as these Shiba Inu puppies! 【Video】

Natto is an acquired taste. I mean this literally – people who have eaten the sticky, kind of stinky, fermented soybeans from childhood are more likely to enjoy it than those who first encounter it as adults. But it’s also what people euphemistically call “an acquired taste”, which is to say, a lot of people think it’s gross.

These adorable puppies don’t seem to mind the stink though, as they lick their bowl clean, wolfing down Japan’s most famously unpopular food. Yum!

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Scooter dog is ready to scoot: This will be the cutest GIF you see today

Dogs, like anyone else, love to feel the wind on their furry, adorable faces. Honestly, is there anything better than rolling down the window, sticking your head and tongue out, and cruising down the road? Maybe barfing on the bed and chewing up all the shoes. It’s kind of a tie, we suppose.

Anyway! Not everyone can afford a car, as pointed out by Mr. Suzuki, but nearly anyone can buy a scooter. So even pups who don’t come from the richest families can taste the open road!

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Emoti-pup! Twitter users’ hearts melt at photo of puppy with natural “frowny face” markings

Twitter exploded in a mess of coos and smiles last night when a single photo of a puppy whose markings look almost exactly like the classic Japanese “frowny face” emoticon (>_<) was shared by user panda_tamio. Puppies rarely have to try especially hard to be adorable, but this one may just be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week.

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