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Japan is full of beautifully crafted desserts of natural green, subtle pink and pure white. You’d be hard pressed to find the lime greens and neon blues of many Western snacks, especially those found in the United States. That’s why when Ikea Japan announced their lineup of food to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their Shinmisato branch, many Japanese net users were surprised by their choice of colors. Some are even saying that the unnatural colors are enough to make you lose your appetite.

The blue and yellow colors were chosen to represent the colors of the flag of Ikea’s home country, Sweden. The soft serve ice cream is even unabashedly called “Sweden Soft Cream.”

  If you put it that way, they got the colors spot-on.800px-Flag_of_Sweden

But some people in Japan cannot get past the abnormal hue. “It’s definitely a beautiful color, but it’ll take a lot of courage to eat,” remarks one commenter. With colors like that, you would think the dessert would be blueberry and banana, but it’s actually “refreshing yogurt and apple mango flavor.” According to those who have tried this bizarre (by Japan’s standards) ice cream, blue is yogurt flavored and yellow is apple mango.

Japanese netizens have been sharing images of their new strange food from the furniture superstore chain. Take a look at some of their snapshots uploaded to Japanese blog sites:

Ikea Sweden Soft Cream

Ikea Sweden Soft Cream

Sweden Soft cream

Are you as brave as these Japanese bloggers? You have until the end of the month to try Ikea’s Sweden Soft Cream, incorporating what Japanese food site, Entabe, deems “an unimaginable food color scheme for Japan.”

Source: Entabe
Images: WikipediaLaughAndPeace, Ratoru-kun, NyaNyaDiary