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Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a bunch of enormous men in their underpants sitting in fiberglass pods that look like something NASA might fire out of a space shuttle.

Shared on Twitter earlier today by the Japan Sumo Association, these photos show some of the sumo community’s most famous faces attending a health check session prior to a series of upcoming bouts. They’re also kind of hilarious.

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After getting a quick flu shot to protect them as winter approaches, the gargantuan men were asked to climb into a BOD POD, a large, capsule-like device that measures a body’s volume, effectively telling us how much fat, muscle and the like subjects are made up of. We’re sure it’s all very important and science-y, but these pictures just made us laugh if we’re being completely honest, and we’re glad the association shared – it looks like the wrestlers had a great time. Well, most of them…

▼ Flu shot time! See? Even big men cry sometimes!

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▼ Ready for blast off

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▼ “God speed, bother!”

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▼ “Just for the record, I’m so not cool with this.”

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▼ A space cadet returns victorious!

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▼ “Dude, I’m tellin’ ya, the door’s not gonna close.”

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▼ “Nope, I do not care for this at all.”

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We wish all of these wrestlers luck in their forthcoming matches, and of course a safe return to earth!

Source: Twitter Japan Sumo Association