body fat

Man sheds half his body weight, looks like a handsome model in just one year

Impressive weight loss transforms this man’s body and mind, but it’s his new face that’s blowing everyone away. 

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Simple wrist test shows whether your body type is that of a model, athlete, or sumo wrestler

Grab your wrist and find out what kind of body frame you have.

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Twitpics show sumo wrestlers getting health checks… in spaaaaaaace!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a bunch of enormous men in their underpants sitting in fiberglass pods that look like something NASA might fire out of a space shuttle.

Shared on Twitter earlier today by the Japan Sumo Association, these photos show some of the sumo community’s most famous faces attending a health check session prior to a series of upcoming bouts. They’re also kind of hilarious.

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