Life-sized Kinnikuman tag-team trophy selling for 1.1M yen, no more than 5 will be made

Belts are for losers.

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We enter a mixed martial arts tournament held by tea maker Ito En

Live by the tea, die by the tea.

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Let’s practice some non-toxic masculinity with Japanese pro-wrestler anti-bacterial face masks

It doesn’t get more manly than having a guy’s oiled chest on your mouth.

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Hana Kimura’s mother requests evidence of hate tweets cyberbullying her daughter after her death

Kyoko Kimura is building a case to bring down her daughter’s cyberbullies. 

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Terrace House star Kai Kobayashi says staff asked him to touch Hana Kimura’s breasts

“Unscripted” Netflix reality TV show comes under fire following claims of housemate manipulation.

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Hana Kimura’s mother slams Terrace House castmates for partying after daughter’s death

Kyoko Kimura calls out Hana’s friends after revealing staff pressured her daughter to stage scenes on the show.

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Death of Terrace House star Hana Kimura prompts Yu Darvish to speak out against cyberbullying

Pro baseballer shares three easy phrases people can use to stop a plague of hurtful online comments.

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Terrace House season cancelled, removed from streaming service after Hana Kimura’s death

Decision comes after suspended broadcast of new episodes following reality program star’s apparent suicide.

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Terrace House stars condemn cyberbullying after death of housemate Hana Kimura

Messages from Netflix reality show cast members suggest bullying contributed to the young pro-wrestler’s death.

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Modern legend Tiger Mask returns, donates 55 handmade face masks to rural government workers

Japan’s muscular embodiment of human kindness pays a visit to a small town in Chiba.

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Hello Kitty visits SoraNews24 HQ! Traditional Mongolian wrestling starts four seconds later

She may not have started it, but she sure as heck ended it.

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Can you fight an entire pro wrestling match in Uniqlo stretch jeans? We find out【Photos】

Just another day in the office as P.K. and Go brawl in SoraNews24 headquarters.

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Pile drivers, headlocks, and bra clasps are all in a day’s work for Taichi.

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Thai video claiming corruption at the 2014 Asia Games goes viral

Readers in the West may not have heard much about it, but the 17th Asian Games were held between September 19 and October 4 in Incheon, South Korea. As the largest multi-sporting event after the Olympics, the Asian Games bring together athletes from all across the Asian continent only once every four years. By the end of this year’s competition, China had racked up the highest medal count, followed by host South Korea and Japan. However, this year’s Games were also plagued by rampant rumors of suspicious refereeing, fixed matches, and host country favoritism, leaving many nations with a bitter aftertaste upon their conclusion.

In response to the multiple stories of alleged corruption, one irate Thai viewer created a parody video to vent his frustrations. As of this writing, the video, with its scornful lyrics yet surprisingly bubbly nature, has been replayed over 2 million times on YouTube, despite having been published less than a week ago. Judging by the comments, it seems the rest of the world seems to sympathize with its message…

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Otaku pro wrestler Tomoyuki Oka makes no apologies for blurring the nerd/jock boundary

Tomoyuki Oka, Japanese pro-wrestler and all around tough guy, has already captured the hearts of an unlikely otaku audience by being very open about the fact that, despite appearances, he’s actually one of them. He’s recently released a promotional video where we can see the contrast between his  tough, physical side and his completely nerdy, anime-obsessed personality, but also find that there’s more synergy between the two aspects than might be expected.

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Japanese pro wrestlers become anime girls for new trading card game

Well here’s something we never thought we’d see or even imagine or think about or have any interest in.

For some reason popular Ring Dream: Girl’s Pro Wrestling Battle online trading card game, which lets players pit their anime girl wrestlers against each other for in-game prizes and bragging rights, is teaming with Japanese pro wrestling association DDT to turn some of DDT’s most popular male wrestlers into in-game characters. In-game female characters.

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Twitpics show sumo wrestlers getting health checks… in spaaaaaaace!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a bunch of enormous men in their underpants sitting in fiberglass pods that look like something NASA might fire out of a space shuttle.

Shared on Twitter earlier today by the Japan Sumo Association, these photos show some of the sumo community’s most famous faces attending a health check session prior to a series of upcoming bouts. They’re also kind of hilarious.

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Epic body slam action at US Sumo Open【Video】

One of Japan’s most ancient sports, sumo is both steeped in tradition and considered to be one of the most demanding in the world. Professional sumo wrestlers, or rikishi, must not only commit to a strict regime of physical training and the daily consumption of gargantuan meals in order to maintain their enormous mass, but also obey rules that cover everything from their hairstyles and the clothing they may wear in public to the use of vehicular transportation.

Although sumo’s popularity in Japan is on the wane, the sport is becoming increasingly popular in Western countries, particularly in the United States where groups such as USA Sumo are growing ever larger and receiving more and more media attention with each year that passes. And we’d be willing to bet that after seeing the following video taken at the US Sumo Open 2013 event, even the most sceptical of Western sports fans will start taking sumo a little more seriously.

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Calbee partners with Baki the Grappler creator, Unleashes tyrannosaurus steak-flavored potato chips

Keisuke Itagaki, creator of the Baki the Grappler manga series, has teamed up with Calbee to produce Grappler Baki potato chips.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Baki is a young wrestler who travels and fights around the world, honing his skills in the hopes of following in the footsteps of his father, Yujiro, to become the strongest fighter on the planet. In staying with the theme of strongest, Itagaki decided the Baki-themed chips should be flavored after one of the most powerful creatures to walk the planet, Tyrannosaurus rex. According to Itagaki, the packaging of the chips is also designed to reflect “forcefulness” and “intensity,” traits associated with the popular manga character.
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