Let’s see… We got Amazon sales, YouTube videos, pet breeds, video games, and search terms. What else can we rank up for this newest of new years?

How about something a little less quantifiable like sounds? Rion Co. asked 1,000 Japanese people what sounds linger most in their minds when looking back at 2013. Two years ago, the sounds of the Olympics were stuck in people’s heads. A year before that it was the Tohoku Earthquake. Now, here are the 10 most resonant sounds of 2013.

10 – The moment Honda scored a decisive penalty kick

On 4 June 2013 during a match between Japan and Australia in the AFC Fourth Round, Keisuke Honda scored a late penalty kick to tie and allow Japan entry into the World Cup. At that moment the 60,000 people in Saitama Stadium 2002 erupted in celebration.

9 – The surge of climbers at Mt. Fuji after becoming a World Heritage Site
This one does seem a little crowbarred into the list. It’s more of an achievement than a distinct sound. We couldn’t find any recordings to show you, but luckily I can recall my climb of Mt. Fuji and will describe what it would be like.
While walking up and down, it was customary to greet every person or group you pass. It’s a long climb so you’d have to adjust the greeting to suit the time of day. So basically the sound of a large crowd of climbers up Mt. Fuji would be a constant chorus of “ohayogozaimasu” followed by repeated “konnichiwa” and a heaping helping of “konbanwa”over and over again.

8 – The exploding meteor over the Urals of Russia

As far as sounds of the year go, I’m surprised this was only eighth. Even watching the video again today, that sonic boom makes my stomach sink. Luckily it was a relatively harmless reminder of all the massive power that exists out there beyond our control.

7 – Uehara’s World Series winning victory cry

It’s probably impossible to actually pinpoint Koji Uehara’s shout after striking out Matt Carpenter for a perfect ninth inning thus winning the entire World Series for the Boston Red Sox. Still, you can pretty much feel it from watching.

6 – The slapping on a desk that occurs when Naoki Hanzawa is being chastised by his boss

The hit TV show of the year in Japan has been Hanzawa Naoki about a young member of Tokyo Chuo Bank. In the series the main character gets reemed out by Human Resources Deputy Director Tadao Ogiso (Yasuhito Hida), who has the incredibly annoying habit of slapping his desk in the process. This idiosyncrasy has become a trademark of the series earning several tribute videos like these:

5 – The majestic sounds of the Sengu Ceremony at Izumo Shrine and Ise Shrine

Two of Japan’s most famous Shinto shrines, Izumo and Ise, have been undergoing Shikinen Sengu which are regular renovations and associated ceremonies to maintain them both physically and spiritually. Visiting one of these ceremonies is a rare treat, but there isn’t a whole lot of sound going on during them. Then again maybe that’s the point.

4 –  “DJ Police” calms soccer fans

By “DJ” they’re referring to the radio kind, not the Tiësto kind. This officers’ firm yet friendly manner and smooth way with words sent those same 60,000 fans celebrating Sound #10 on their way peaceably. In doing so he averted the kind of nonsense that usually takes place in these situations and let others get to where they were going.

3 – Torrential Rain from typhoons

Although not nearly as bad as the experience in the Philippines, parts of Japan got a pretty heavy dose of rain throughout 2013 and left the sheets of raindrops echoing in brains.

2 – The cheers when Tanaka took the mound in the Japan Series

During the final game of the Japan Series, Masahiro Tanaka was called to the mound to finish off the 9th inning. The game and series were nearly won by the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, and Tanaka’s appearance was more symbolic of his record breaking perfect season and post-season and the roar of the crowd was their congratulations on the achievement.

1 – Winning the 2020 Olympic Bid

I’ll be honest, I’m kind of disappointed in this year’s number one. It’s a big moment for Japan to be sure, and the cheering is good enough to get it in the top ten. However, when you boil it down, it’s just a decision for a future plan. Nothing’s really happened yet. One of the many other sports achievements that actually happened this year would have been better, wouldn’t it? I don’t know, maybe I’m still bitter at the poor performance of the meteor.

The survey was performed by Rion, a company who specializes in sound for TV such as game show buzzers and commercial voice overs and sound effects. They presented respondents with a shortlist of sounds to rank but also gave them license to write-in any sound they preferred.

If you think there’s a more fitting sound for 2013, let us know. Meanwhile, we’re going to milk the five senses for all they got. Stay tuned for the top textures of 2013. My vote went for chocolate pudding.

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