Ninjas are known for their stealth, but there’s nothing stealthy about these eye-catching stockings

Okay, ninjas are supposed to keep out of sight, as you can tell from the fact that the very word “ninja” literally translates to something like “the hidden one.” But just take a look at these ninja tights currently being sold at the Edo Tokyo Museum  in collaboration with their exhibit featuring the Sengoku Period in Japanese history, and we think you’ll agree that the fashion item is bound to do the opposite of keeping you incognito. (Hmm … the tights may allow the ladies wearing them to “sneak” their way into men’s hearts, though!)

The Sengoku (literally, “warring states”) era (1454-1573) was a turbulent time which saw many feudal warlords battling for control over territories across Japan, and also an age when ninjas were employed to conduct covert operations for the warring lords, hence the tights with a ninja theme.



The tights are made by Kabushikigaisha Sengoku, a company devoted to producing goods with a Sengoku Period theme, and they come in three bright colors — red, blue and black (which looks more like dark gray in the pictures). According to the product description, each of the colors have a name and concept: the black (called kurohabaki) represents walking stealthily in the dark, the red (akahabaki) represents a burning battle to the death, and the blue (aohabaki) represents the dark light of dusk. The term habaki, although not commonly used in modern Japan, apparently refers to a traditional piece of legwear that is wrapped around the shins for protection and easier movement when traveling or working outside.

The designs printed on the tights feature famous ninja weapons like the shuriken throwing stars and spiked makibishi caltrops. And if you look closely, there are even small figures of ninjas that appear to be climbing up the legs of the wearer. It’s also a visually fun touch that the patterns become larger as they move up the legs.

History fans may also find it interesting that the tights are made in Komatsu City of Ishikwa Prefecture, which was previously known as the Kaga Domain and home to the Maeda Clan, one of the most famous warlord families during the Sengoku Period.

▼ Here are the three colors on display, and you can probably see why we think the tights should attract plenty of attention.


The tights, which look like they should be a hit with the so-called rekijo (history loving girls) population of Japan, are available for 4,000 yen (US$34) at the Edo Tokyo Museum for the duration of the Sengoku Period exhibit which will be on until January 29, 2017. And if you’re in the Kansai Area in West Japan, they’ll also be available in Kyoto when the exhibit moves to the Kyoto Culture Foundation’s Museum of Kyoto from February 25 to April 16, 2017.

Sure, they may be a bit pricey for a pair of stockings, but you have to admit, they’re a great way to add a bit of no-so-covert ninja spice to your fashion! And if you want to complete the look, don’t forget about a matching ninja hooded jacket.

Source, images: PR Times press release

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