Even for those living in Tokyo, its plate-of-spaghetti-like tangle of train lines can be overwhelming to navigate. Worse for visitors, it’s hard not to get lost, but you also don’t want to walk around gawking at a map like some touristy chump. So, for basically anyone in Tokyo, we humbly present the Subway Map Necktie.

100 percent silk, the Subway Map Tie (or “Necktie” as they’re always referred to in Japan) has a full-color map of the Tokyo subway system printed on its lining. When you’re on the go and unsure where to change trains, forget about your smartphone–just take a peek under your tie!

Probably no one will realize you’re checking a map, but if you want to be extra sneaky just pretend your wiping some crud from the side of your mouth. Then you’ll truly look like a classy tiger of this Tokyo jungle.

Its elegant polka-dot pattern is perfect for every situation from meeting VIPs in the boardroom to loosely dangling around the neck amongst hipster circles. It’s the perfect gift for businessmen who have to make frequent trips to Tokyo or students heading out for their first year of university there.

In an all-too-familiar scene of Japanese life, when your significant other gets called away to the head office in Tokyo, the subway map tie is the perfect way to let them carry a piece of you wherever they go, and make sure they get there on time! Although not as daunting as Tokyo’s rail network, the Subway Map Necktie is also available in an Osaka version.

The Subway Map Necktie is sold by Bluebelland for 6,090 yen (US$58) and can be bought online at Rakuten, where you can find it in a variety of other patterns to suit your taste. It might be a steep price to pay, but as they say: time is money. And with the Subway Map Necktie, you’re sure to stylishly save a bundle.

Source: ARA Bluebelland, Rakuten
Original article by Pikorosu
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