From now until March 20, Tokyo DisneySea is offering some very cute snacks featuring Duffy, the Disney bear, and his lady friend, ShellieMay. Take a look after the jump, but be warned: the cuteness is off the charts!

For a limited time, the Sweet Duffy series will be available at the dining corner in the American Waterfront section of the park and will be served on a special souvenir cup or plate. Whether you go for the Earl Grey chiffon cake, the chocolate panna cotta, or the strawberry marshmallow sable cookies you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and your taste for cute.

For an extra 500 yen (about US$4.80), you can even eat your treat with a special souvenir spoon emblazoned with the Sweet Duffy logo.

Since Duffy and SallieMay first made their appearance at Tokyo DisneySea, this is sure to be an especially popular series for Disney memorabilia collectors. Speaking of which, this past year was the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland, and the special events and goods marking the anniversary will also be finishing on March 20, so you may want to plan a trip soon if you want in on “The Happiness Year.”

▼ Earl Grey chiffon cake with cassis jam, 800 yen ($7.67)


▼Earl Grey chiffon cake with orange jam, 800 yen


▼ Chocolate panna cotta, 800 yen


▼ Strawberry marshmallow sable cookies, 350 yen each (US$3.35)


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