‘Tis the season for all things scary and (pumpkin) spicy!

Somehow it’s already the beginning of October, and that means a full month of orange, black and the occasional purple splashed across buildings, theme parks and food. The Pastry Shop at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel is already in full-Halloween mode as they have developed five scrumptious-looking desserts that you can spend the entire month eating.

▼ Murasaki Imo Mont Blanc cake


Custard cream and a thin layer of blackcurrant jelly sit on top of a bed of chocolate and rice krispies and is finished with purple sweet potato butter cream and adorable decorations. Available for 565 yen (US$5.50)

▼ Tarte Potiron (Pumpkin Tart)


This cute pumpkin is filled to the brim with pumpkin flavors with pumpkin in the base, a pumpkin and almond puree as well as pumpkin creme. It is, literally, pumpkin overload! Thankfully, the cuteness comes at no extra cost and will only run you 565 yen ($5.60).

▼ Kabocha Pudding


In order to ensure that this dessert has the smoothest texture, the pudding is carefully strained through a fine sieve which results in an extremely tasty and silky pumpkin pudding. Available for 576 yen ($5.70).

▼ Savarin


This crown-shaped cake is topped with a reduced red wine syrup infused with Earl Grey and cinnamon that seeps into the cake for a delectable flavor. Get it for 993 yen ($9.80).

▼ Whole Tarte Potiron (Pumpkin Tart)


If a single serving isn’t enough, be sure to check out this full-sized pumpkin tart in order to satisfy your pumpkin cravings. The base, cream and puree are all jammed with pumpkin flavor, so your Halloween will taste exactly like you hoped it would. This full tart is available for 2,057 yen ($20.30).

If you can’t make it to the Pastry Shop in person to sample these tasty treats, perhaps reading the descriptions and seeing the pictures have inspired you to create your own spooktacular Halloween desserts. For those who are close by, be sure to head to Shibuya and the Pastry Shop to pick up your cakes, tarts and puddings today!

Source: Entabe
Images: Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel