Body-slam your way to better, cuter baking with Yoshiko’s kawaii home-cooked dishes.

Yoshiko is a professional female wrestler. With her shock of bright blonde hair, characteristic sneer, and booming voice, she cuts an imposing figure whenever she enters the ring and has an aggressive repertoire of taunts and jeers to psyche out her opponents.

▼ Lines like “The **** are you ****ing doing, you ***?!” and “Get the **** up, you ***!” are customary.

Initially cast as a villain, Yoshiko has had her share of controversy in the ring and even retired for a year in 2015 due to injuring a fellow wrestler. Now she competes as part of a new wrestling roster, SEAdLINNNG, and has a burgeoning career in mixed martial arts.

Of course, sports at large have been on pause due to the global pandemic, meaning Yoshiko has a lot of extra time on her hands. She’s been using that time to record videos for TikTok and Instagram… though the content of those videos may not have been what anyone expected.

▼ Time to make some pull-apart Duffy bread!

As though to emphasize that yes, that’s her, Yoshiko starts each video with a gruff “Hi. It’s me, Yoshiko, the female pro wrestler.” Then she introduces what she’s going to make: adorable tear-apart bread fashioned after Tokyo Disney Sea’s Duffy bear, Sanrio character dango, or cookies shaped like the alligator who will die in 100 days.

“I could look at these all day and still be blown away by how freakin’ cute they are!”

The disparity between Yoshiko’s constant frown, blustering patter, and the extremely cute sweets she’s cooking up has frothed her fans into a delighted frenzy. After all, it’s not every day that you watch a Sanrio video where the host not only sings along with the sugary-sweet theme song, but also peppers it with “you ****ing jerk!” as she sings.

Everything Yoshiko cooks up looks tasty and delicate, which only adds to the videos’ appeal. Don’t let her guttural yells distract you from the recipe in each video, which is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. As Yoshiko herself might say, Get out there and make yourself some ****ing adorable **** food, ya ****s!

Source: Twitter/@yoshiko_sead, Instagram/yoshiko_sead
Featured image: Twitter/@yoshiko_sead

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