New Earl Grey and peach Frappuccino is exclusive to Starbucks Japan’s tea-focused sub-brand.

As fans know, the most delicious special Frappuccino flavors are found at Starbucks’ branches in Japan. Sometimes, though, the coffeehouse creates extra-special Frappuccinos that require not just a visit to any old Japanese Starbucks, but only a select few.

That’s the case with the newest member of the Japanese Frappuccino line, the Peach Panna Cotta and Earl Grey Tea Frappuccino.

This special dessert drink is fancy, but not at all coy. Just like the name says, the base flavor here comes from Earl Grey tea, with its stimulatingly sophisticated bitter notes counterbalanced with the creamy milky sweetness of panna cotta. The most luxurious element, though, is waiting for you deeper down in the glass, where there’s a layer peach fruit and jelly (or “peach gelée,” as Starbucks officially calls it, since this is a classy drink).

In keeping with the tea focus, the 770-yen (US$5.90) Peach Panna Cotta and Earl Grey Tea Frappuccino is only being offered at Starbucks Japan’s Tea and Cafe sub-brand branches, such as the one in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills entertainment complex.

Also new to the Starbucks Tea and Cafe menu is the Earl Grey Classic Tea Latte (570 yen). While not as sweet as its Frappuccino counterpart, this is actually still sweeter than a traditional cup of Earl Grey thanks to the addition of vanilla syrup and milk, and is offered either hot or cold.

The complete list of Starbucks locations offering the new Earl Grey drinks is:
● Tokyo
Roppongi Hills Metro Hat/Hollywood Plaza
Ebisu Garden Place Center Plaza Basement Level 1
Kiririna Keio Kichijoji
● Saitama
Koshigata Aeon Lakeown Kaze 2nd floor Cafe Plaza
● Osaka
Grand Front Osaka North Building 1st floor
Lalaport Expocity 1st floor
Lucia 2nd floor
● Toyama
Toyama Maroot
● Fukuoka
Amu Plaza Hakata 2nd floor

Both beverages are on sale now, and while they might take some legwork to try, they’re still easier to find than Starbucks Tea and Cafe’s special sakura drinks were.

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Images: Starbucks
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