Kitty Video 4 Chogokin Lovely

You may be aware from our past articles that Hello Kitty has a very special year ahead of her with her 40th birthday coming up on November 1. Well, it so happens that Japanese toy maker Bandai’s popular chogokin (super alloy) series of mecha and robot toys is also turning forty this year, and never one to miss an exciting business opportunity, Ms. Kitty has joined forces with Bandai to celebrate both their anniversaries the way she knows best — with a collaboration, of course! This time, she’s turned herself into robot action hero, Super Alloy Kitty, and she’s even come out with a super-cool, short animated video to promote the collaboration!

The animated video, done in bright, pop colors, showcases the strengths of Super Alloy Kitty, but it also has a cute little story, making it more than just a straightforward advertisement of the toy.

▼The anime starts with Hello Kitty taking a walk with a chogokin toy in her hands. Unfortunately, she trips and the toy falls into a fresh water spring.Kitty Video 1 walking

▼Then, a magical spirit suddenly appears from the spring.Kitty Video 2 Fairy

▼The spirit asks Hello Kitty if the chogokin she lost is the one made of gold or silver, to which Hello Kitty truthfully replies, “The chogokin I lost was an ordinary one, not gold or silver.”Kitty Video 3 Gold and Silver

▼For her honesty, Hello Kitty is rewarded with … a giant Super Alloy Kitty!Kitty Video 5 Chogokin big

▼Super Alloy Kitty can transform into several “modes” including the “underwater mode” …Kitty Video 6 Underwater mode

▼… and the “airborne mode”.Kitty Video 7 Flying mode

▼But watch out! Super Alloy Kitty is confronted by the sinister-looking Black Cat!Kitty Video 8 Black Kitty

▼Will Super Alloy Kitty be able to save the world from Black Cat? See how the story ends in the video below! The video also includes a presentation of the actual toy after the anime.

▼The chogokin Kitty toy is scheduled to come out on June 21 this year. She’ll be priced at 4,400yen (US$42).Kitty Video 8-2 Real Chogokin full pic

▼She stands 10.5cm (4 1/10 in) tall and comes with a smaller, 2.3cm (9/10 in) figure, as well as a stand for display.Kitty Video 9 Real stand

▼The smaller figure actually fits into the cockpit space in Super Alloy Kitty’s head.Kitty Video 10 Real cockpit

▼Super Alloy Kitty can transform into three different operational modes: “road vehicle mode” …Kitty Video 11 Real run mode

▼… “airborne mode” …Kitty Video 12 Real Flying mode

▼… and “underwater mode”.Kitty Video 13 Real underwater mode

▼Her hands also come off, like rockets. Kitty Video 14 Real rocket hands

▼Yes, Super Alloy Kitty is ready to save the world!Kitty Video 15 Real thunder

Well, we think Super Alloy Kitty looks pretty awesome. The detail and the three different modes are delightful, and we wouldn’t be surprised if people normally not into mecha and robot figures are seriously interested in this toy. And we hope you enjoyed the video too, because we certainly did! With all that Ms. Kitty has accomplished in the past 40 years, we’re not exactly surprised that she’s now a world-saving robot on top of everything else. We just hope you’re not too busy to enjoy your birthday celebrations, Ms. Kitty!

Source: YouTube, Chogokin 40th Anniversay Special Site
Photos: YouTube