Crouch too close to the sewer, and you might catch a glimpse of red…oh, it’s just her ribbon.

Kitty White lives a busier life than most little girls who just happen to resemble the animal they’re named after. There’s a running gag that Kitty, the mascot of Sanrio’s star Hello Kitty line, can’t say no to any job she’s offered: whether that’s purifying spirits, battling giant mecha, or even helping her fans get married, Kitty approaches all her jobs with gusto.

In her latest collaboration, however, we can’t help but worry she might be finally out of her depth. Is Kitty too cute to pull off a crossover with horror movie It?

▼ The basis for the collaboration is the chilling poster of Pennywise from upcoming sequel, It Chapter Two (titled It: The End for its Japanese release).

Sanrio will be inviting the monstrous clown into their own turf, the Tokyo-based theme park Puroland, as part of their yearly Halloween celebrations. In anticipation for the sequel’s nationwide release on November 1, Puroland will run a frightening collaboration of their own during 2019’s Pure Halloween Party-Kawaii Masquerade.

As for Kitty herself…well, she’s certainly looked scarier.

▼ Aww…!

There’s something about the text declaring “Hello…” in a gaudy, Chiller-esque font, right above a huge movie-style billing for Kitty herself. Presumably it’s meant to allude to the scene where Pennywise meets protagonist Bill Denborough’s brother, beckoning him into the flooded grate with a beguiling “Hi, Georgie”. Coming from Kitty, though, it just feels like a chirpy little greeting. Hi, Kitty!

The event itself promises to bring evocative photograph spots, tie-in food and special decorations, so you’ll really feel like a demented evil clown might just pop out of the scenery. Thankfully, all of the collaborative efforts look a lot more nerve-wracking in real life than the adorable, beady-eyed Kitty from the poster.

▼ The blood-red mousse cake on offer conjures up It’s classic red balloon imagery

Fans of mascots and horror will want to get their tickets quickly – Puroland is notoriously popular around Halloween time, and it’s not often you get the chance to meet a classic horror villain while surrounded by smiling Sanrio characters!

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Source: Puroland via Netlab Entertainment
Images: Puroland
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