Daikon radishes have been really stepping up their game lately and upping the cuteness to a solid 11. First, we saw these adorable mounds of grated daikon capybaras swimming in soup. Now, a little old lady has grown a daikon that bears a striking resemblance to a Pokemon character. More on where the little guy was found and how it came to be after the break!

Actually, not much is known of the Chikorita daikon radish except that the picture was posted by Twitter user logsata with the caption, “I harvested a Chikorita from my grandmother’s garden.” It’s already received over 7,000 retweets and has netizens everywhere hoping for a Pokemon surprise in their own garden.


The only way this Chikorita daikon could be better is if it popped out of the ground with a smile and wave.


Source: My Game News Flash
Insert image: Pokemon Wikia