Krispy Kreme Japan is shooting Cupid’s arrows again this year. Apparently the 2014 limited edition Valentine’s Day donuts were a hit because they are not only coming back, they’ll be better than ever. The donut powerhouse has created four new delectable, chocolatey selections and as V-Day tends to be a girl-confessing-her-love-to-boy-by-giving-chocolates kind of holiday in Japan, there are inevitably going to be a lot of guys with happy tummies this coming February 14. Luckily for all the singles and ladies out there, we don’t have to wait for our suitors to give us delicious chocolate donuts, we can start enjoying them starting January 7, 2015.

Care to give your lover a ring (shaped donut) this year? Krispy Kreme is ready for you and it will even come in a box! There are two varieties of good ole ring-shaped donuts: Salty Almond Chocolate and Double Berry Jelly and Chocolate (230 yen [US$2]). Just the names get my mouth watering.

▼ Salted Almond Chocolate donut.


The Salty Almond Chocolate is a chocolate donut with milky white chocolate frosting, a salty almond fragrance and topped with chopped roasted almonds and chocolate sauce. Apparently, the texture difference between the crunchy almonds and the moist cake is very pleasant and is complemented by the bitter-sweet flavors. You also get the luxury of a chocolate covered almond on top.

▼ Double Berry Jelly and Chocolate donut.


The Double Berry Jelly and Chocolate is also a chocolate donut, but the white chocolate frosting is mixed with dried strawberries and topped with a strawberry-raspberry coating. White chocolate stripes and pieces give it an elegant look, perfect for a romantic holiday.

Now, the ring donuts sound delicious, but if you really want to get the attention of someone this year, it might be wise to go with the warm, heart-shaped, gooey Belgian-chocolate-filled donuts. You can melt their hearts with melted chocolate.

▼ Caramel with Belgian-chocolate filled donut goodness.


There are also two varieties of these puppies: caramel and strawberry. The caramel features a topping of a milky caramel sauce, cocoa powder and bits of chocolate. The strawberry one has a strawberry flavored white chocolate drizzle with dried strawberry pieces and white chocolate curls. Let me remind you, these are served warm, so the Belgian chocolate filling tantalizingly oozes out upon your first bite. These are only 210 yen ($1.70) by themselves, but you can go for a hot & cold sensation by adding some vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce for a little extra (donut w/ ice cream 480 yen [$4]). Might as well bring along some whipped cream and a cherry, while you’re at it.

▼Strawberry with Belgian-chocolate filled goodness.


While some claim that homemade chocolates are the way to go for a very Japanese Valentine’s Day, personally, I think I would be plenty satisfied receiving a box of these delicious looking, warm donuts instead.

Source: NariNari
Images: Krispy Kreme