Does this strange combo have what it takes to become Japan’s next big food trend?

Local fast food chain Mos Burger often finds itself competing with some of the larger international franchises, but this time they’re stealing the spotlight by starting a new trend they say everyone ought to try.

Mos Burger is recommending everyone “dive” their Mos chicken into the chain’s vanilla shake. They say it’s “a supreme match”, so we immediately headed out to try it.

Normally, we’d feel self-conscious about dunking anything other than a straw into a milkshake while dining at Mos Burger, but seeing as the chain’s official tweet about it has since gone viral with over 42,000 likes, we figured staff would’ve gotten used to seeing customers playing with this combination by now.

The vanilla shake and fried chicken looked great side by side, but would they really make for a sublime partnership when they came into contact with each other?

Feeling a little anxious, embarrassed and oh-so-naughty at the same time, we raised the Mos Chicken…

▼ …and thrust it into the milkshake!

Well, this certainly was an unusual sight. The overall appearance of the fried chicken milkshake made us think the chain missed a beat by not promoting this as the “Mos Chicken Tree” for Christmas. Or would the “Mos Chicken Tombstone” for Halloween be more appropriate?

Either way, this was only the start of the proceedings, because once the chicken had been dunked, it was time to take it out again…and eat it.

So how did it taste? Well, the vanilla shake acted like a sweet dipping sauce, and it didn’t taste bad with the chicken at all. We could see what they were going for, with the sweetness of the milkshake making a nice counterpart to the saltiness of the fried chicken, but that wasn’t the only thing that was striking about it — the contrast between hot and cold was a nice surprise, as it helped to melt the shake, adding a smooth, creamy layer to the fried exterior.

We’re not sure if we’d go so far as to call this a “supreme match”, though. After trying the two together, we thought about whether we would continue to dunk chicken into our milkshakes from now on, and the answer was, sadly, no.

We prefer to keep our chicken and our milkshakes separate from each other before they hit our taste buds, and while we can see the fun appeal of mixing things up like this, sometimes it’s better not to mess with a good thing. When it comes to pairings like bread and noodles, though, well…that’s a whole other story.

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