A whole kilogram (2.2 pounds) of custard pudding, to be precise.

It’s no secret that the team here at SoraNews24 love Japanese custard pudding, called purin in Japanese. We’ve tried it with natto, with liquor, we’ve even eaten it in butt form — we just can’t get enough of its creamy deliciousness.

Arguably, SoraNews24’s biggest purin fan is Mr. Sato, who loves purin so much he buys it in bulk. Buying in bulk certainly gives you more bang for your buck, but you might end up having to throw most of it away, because it’s just too much. It seemed like this might be the case with Mr. Sato’s latest discovery, found at wholesale supermarket chain Gyomu Super — a whole carton of custard pudding goodness.

▼ Even on the carton, it says there’s enough purin here for seven to eight servings.

At a glance, it might be easy to mistake this for a regular carton of milk, but as Mr. Sato opened the top, he was met with a glorious sight…

A whole carton of jiggly purin, weighing in at one kilogram (2.2 pounds)! Just seeing it like this wasn’t enough to appreciate the sheer volume of creamy goodness, so Mr. Sato found the biggest dish he owned and carefully slid the purin out…

It just barely fit on the plate. There was no way Mr. Sato would be able to eat all this purin by himself…!

So Mr. Sato decided to do the only thing he knew how and experiment in the kitchen. In the past, we’ve tried out custard pudding on toast with pleasing results, but what if you were to make custard pudding in toast, a.k.a custard pudding French Toast?

If you want to cook along with Mr. Sato, you’ll need:

  • 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) of Japanese custard pudding
  • Sliced bread
  • Milk
  • A stick of butter
  • Sugar, maple syrup, caramel sauce (optional)

First of all, Mr. Sato added the purin to a saucepan and added milk — just enough to barely cover the pudding.

He then melted down the pudding milk mix, continuously stirring it to avoid burning. If you want to add sugar, add it in here. Once the mixture is melted, leave it to cool down.

Next, soak your bread in the mixture. If you want maximum sweetness, Mr. Sato recommends letting the bread marinate for an hour or so.

Once your bread is suitably soaked, melt some butter in a frying pan and add the bread. Once the bread is nice and brown on both sides, it’s ready!

▼ Ta-da! The One-Kilo Custard Pudding French Toast

At a glance, it looks just like regular French toast, but hidden in every bite is delicious purin-y goodness, like a creamy custard ninja waiting to attack your taste buds. Despite the huge volume of purin used, though, Mr. Sato felt it wasn’t as sweet as expected, so if you’re a fan of sweet treats he recommends adding some maple syrup or caramel sauce.

If you have an excess amount of Japanese pudding lying around and aren’t sure how to use it up, give this recipe a try! Alternatively, you could go the traditional route and make this world famous French toast using more conventional ingredients. Either way you choose, you’ll end up with a delicious sweet treat!

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