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I’m sure we’ve all received gifts of clothing from loved ones that we secretly didn’t like at all. We throw them on while the gift-giver is still present in an effort to show our appreciation, but more often than not the garments are destined to spend the rest of their days in the back of a cupboard or are promptly donated to charity.

We have no qualms whatsoever about pulling on an ugly garment received from a well-meaning relative, but we doubt we could even pretend to be pleased if someone gave us a hat and sweater made out of their own hair, which is exactly what one woman in Chongqing, China came up with after collecting her fallen locks over the past 11 years.

The now 60-year-old Xiang Renxian reportedly came up with the idea of turning her hair into clothing when she was in her 30s and wanted to preserve her sleek black locks for when she grew older. She later collected more than 110,000 fallen strands, picking them up one by one whenever she spotted them. After weaving the gathered hairs together, she set to work making a sweater – and a hat for her lucky husband – telling China’s Global Times: “It’s actually not that difficult. The key is patience and persistence.”

Well, perhaps that and a husband who doesn’t mind his wife collecting piles of her 70-centimetre-long hairs and keeping them safe for more than a decade…

▼ The thrifty threader’s finished sweater, plus a hat she wove for her husband

hair tomorrow

▼ It apparently took 15 head hairs to make a single strand of material

hair knit

If you’re reading this, Xiang, I personally produce a ton of rather fetching goose-egg blue belly button fluff on a daily basis that I’m sure you could turn into a fine pair of socks in no time at all. Drop me a line and let’s talk numbers!

Source: Oddity Central
Photos: Chongqing Economic Times via Oddity Central