This wife and mother was so happy and grateful to her husband that she cried.

Some say that a mother’s job is one of the hardest in the world. And why not, when some have a schedule running from 4:20 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. that’s completely packed with tasks like taking care of the kids, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and of course, for working moms, a full-time job?

That’s why, when Twitter user and mom of one Pon (@wanwandayo11) received an unexpected gift of free time from her husband, it brought her completely to tears. He surprised her by randomly texting her to tell her that he took three days off to take care of the house and their child, so that she can do anything she wants! She was so moved, she shared a screenshot of his messages on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

“Guys!!! Look at these messages my husband sent me!!! I was so happy I started to cry” (Translation below)

Husband: We talked about this a little yesterday, but if you had some time for yourself, what would you most want to do?
Wife: I think I’d want to go to the hair salon, and then relax at a cafe. And then I’d want to go to the gym haha
H: It’s short notice, but I took the next three days off, so I’m giving you a few days off too!
Sorry it’s so sudden, but if you can make an appointment at the salon for tomorrow or the day after, you should go! Can you check?
W: What? Thank you! They have an opening at 10:30 tomorrow morning (*^^*)
H: Reserve it now!!!!!
W: That was a fast response lol. I made the appointment!
H: Day 1->Hair salon and shopping. You should buy some new clothes to go with your new hairstyle. After that you can go to a cafe if you want.
Day 2->You can go to the gym, or sleep in, or take a nap. I know you can’t really relax at home, so you can also go out somewhere. It’ll be your free time.
Day 3->I’ll start to get lonely, so the three of us will go on a strawberry picking date in Yamanashi. We have to protect ourselves against influenza”
H: I’m giving you a childcare bonus of 60,000 yen (about US$550). For the next three days, I’ll deduct 1,000 yen for each time you clean or cook!”

Isn’t it so sweet that Pon’s husband thought to treat his hardworking wife to a little time to herself? He even gave her a whopping 60,000 yen to spend on whatever she liked! Personally, I wouldn’t know what to do with that much money, and I’d even feel bad spending it, but it’s so kind of him to give his wife a chance to treat herself, when she so often expends her money and energy on the needs of her child.

Japanese Twitter definitely agreed. The tweet, posted just a few days ago, now has over 130,000 retweets, more than 530,000 likes, and about 1,300 comments, the majority of which gushed over how romantic and sweet Pon’s husband is.

“Everything is just godly, but my favorite parts are ‘I’ll start to get lonely’ and the ‘date’ and ‘You got a childcare bonus of 60,000 yen’.”
“This is so wonderful I almost started to cry too! lolol”
“The ‘I’ll start to get lonely’ part is cute haha”
“Your husband is amazing! Have a wonderful time off!”
“It’s so cool that he’s deducting money if she does housework”
“Awww, I’m going to cry. Your husband’s feelings are so sweet.”

And lots of unmarried men were impressed too!

“Awesome! When I get married in the future, I’m going to do this. Definitely!”
“What the heck! He’s like a god. If I get married I want to be a husband like this.”
“I’m going to do this when I get married, too!”
“I’m going to aim to be a husband that my wife can call ‘wonderful’ too!”

A few people, however, thought the praise on the husband was misguided:

“He probably sent these messages because he cheated on you and is feeling guilty.”
If husbands would just work hard to help with the housework and save money, they can express their thanks daily.”
“I understand that people think this husband is wonderful, but I think the housewife who works hard every day doing the housework and taking care of the kids is also amazing.”
“This actually makes me wonder if this husband usually doesn’t do anything at all.”
“If it was me, I honestly wouldn’t be that happy about it. I’ve been cheated on before, so that’s the first thing I would think of.”
“The reason your husband can do this is probably because you’re an amazing wife!”

Still others were jealous that Pon’s husband was actually able to take three days off on short notice, since that clearly means he’s not working for one of Japan’s many black companies who don’t make it easy to take time off. Perhaps that’s why many of the women of Japanese Twitter expressed jealousy for Pon’s wonderfully helpful husband.

In any case, working spouses should take note! A little relief from some of the pressures of housework and child-rearing, in whatever form you can give it, goes a long way for your stay-at-home spouses!

Source: Twitter/@wanwandayo11
Top Image: Pakutaso