In-house reporter Go Hattori bravely takes the plunge to see if this cheap product will fluff his curls up or leave them a floppy, flat mess.

It seems like SoraNews24 reporter Go Hattori can’t stop experimenting with cheap hair thrills. When he isn’t crafting abominable wigs to cover his head up, he’s augmenting his bangs, and when he isn’t augmenting his bangs he’s spritzing his whole head with carbonated water.

He recently got a perm, and immediately felt dissatisfied with it. The end result, far from imbuing him with glamorous, curly locks, just kind of… left his hair a bit frizzy. Whether he left it to dry naturally or blasted it with a dryer, it didn’t seem to change the result much…

*sad violins playing*

Never fear, the 100 yen store is here – with a perfect product to pep up a perm.

▼ This is the Fluffy Hair Fairy Hair Curler and it comes with four plastic rollers.

With a bold claim that it can give you bouncy curls simply by clamping and twisting the hair in the rollers, it seemed to be just the thing for Go’s dilemma. He was distracted momentarily by this bizarre photograph on the packaging:

▼ Why is she out of focus? Is she vibrating with delight?

No matter. Fairy curls were moments away!

▼ The four plastic rollers look a bit like keys carved out of sponge.

Wet hair is known to curl better, so Go moistened his hair in preparation.

▼ ← Dry                                               Damp →

Then Go divided his hair into sections, sandwiching each section into the slit of the sponge key fairy hair curler.

Once the locks of hair were locked into the curler, Go twirled them up expertly…

After he was satisfied with the tightness of the curl, he fastened them into place by pulling the hair taut through the hole in the end of the curler.

▼ Majestic.

With the hair secured, now Go set about drying his hair off. Firstly he buffeted it with warm air:

Then he finished it off with a refreshing blast of cold air:

Traversing both fire and ice to form his ideal curls just proves Go’s dedication in our book. No wonder he wore a “Victory through Guts” shirt! But did his guts secure his victory here? Would his hair tumble into a wonderland of fairy curls?


Go commented, “Looks more like Atsushi Onita curls than fairy curls.”

▼ One-time politician and pro wrestler Atsushi Onita

Go tried out a suitably tough pose to complement his new curls, but we think Onita still wins this round.

Maybe a filter would help him resemble the fairy girl from the packaging instead!

▼ Or maybe not!

One thing was for certain, though – he had coiffed his hair into very respectable, thick curls! With a little bit of hand fluffing, his hair looked as luxurious and thick as a hair salon model. What a success!

▼ *fluffflufffluff*

▼ Stunning!

▼ Gorgeous!

▼ You look like a million yen!

Rumor has it you can still hear faint echoes of Go’s delighted cries to this day… “\(^O^)/ Sooooo fluffy〜♪ \(^O^)/”

Go only wished he’d heard of this product earlier. It could have saved him all that heartbreak after his perm didn’t go as planned! He picked this magical device up at his local 100 yen store, Okuyama Shouhin, but you should definitely check out your local discount shop for similar perm powerups – and maybe you can pep yourself up with a cheap energy drink too!

Images ©SoraNews24
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