It’s an excuse so implausible that it sounds like something straight out of the plot of an adult video, but a dentist in Japan’s Mie Prefecture was arrested earlier this week after fondling a young woman’s chest in the back room of his surgery while claiming that doing so would help fix her misaligned teeth.

On October 29 last year, the 20-something woman visited a clinic in the city of Kameyama for a dental exam. After noting that her teeth were misaligned, the 53-year-old dentist allegedly remarked, “The muscles in your chest are tight, so I need to massage them,” and after escorting her into an adjoining room proceeded to touch and fondle her chest.

The girl, who “felt that something was amiss”, later talked about the strange practice with her family, who decided to contact the local authorities. On Tuesday this week, the dentist was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault.

We’re no dental surgeons, but we’ve honestly never heard of chest massages being key to good oral health. If there are any qualified dentists out there, by all means drop us a line and shed some light on the situation for us!

Source: Sponichi  Annex (Japanese)
Top image: Geekologie