Akiba Dental Clinic: The Akihabara dentist where a moe maid in cosplay cleans your teeth

This new dentist wants to make otaku dreams come true.

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Part-maid cafe, part-dentist’s office? Akiba Dental Clinic opens in Tokyo【Photos】

Frilly outfits and assisted teeth-brushing practice are part of the otaku-oriented dental clinic.

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Japanese netizens react to U.S. dentist offering free cleanings if you beat him at Smash Bros

Does he main Dr. Mario though?

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Japanese illustrator designs dental clinic billboard to look like an ad for an awesome anime

Makes us wonder if there will be an action-packed dentist anime someday.

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Old man chases dentist with metal rod, threatens to make him “taste the same pain”

Like something in a badly written comedy sketch, the elderly man allegedly began chasing his dentist around the room, shouting: “I’ll make you taste the same pain!”

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Terrifying Japanese dentist’s office shows us why stuffed animals shouldn’t have realistic teeth

And just like that, we’re scared of the dentist again.

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Oral care survey suggests foreigners think Japan has breath issues….

After having lived in Japan for a number of years, you get used to the certain ways in which it smells kinda different to your home country. For example, people here tend to wear less cologne and perfume so you’re not as likely to have your nostril hairs singed by someone who has doused themselves with eau de celeb as you share a train carriage on your morning commute. On the other hand, smoking is absolutely everywhere in Japan and you can expect to come home with your hair and clothes stinking of smoke after barely an hour at your local izakaya, even if you never touch the cancer sticks yourself.

But a new survey conducted by an oral care company has found evidence that suggests one of the things foreign visitors to Japan notice is the huge number of people with bad breath! Apparently, this halitosis has left many a foreigner visitor “disappointed” with the country, whatever that means…

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Weird things to find stuck to a dentist’s ceiling

A trip to the dentist isn’t high up on anyone’s list of favourite things to do (unless you have some kind of dentist fetish – I saw it on CSI, it’s a thing), so anything that takes your mind off the unpleasantness that goes on there is welcome. The moment when the chair slowly but inexorably starts to recline is when the fear really kicks in, right before you’re told to say ‘aah’ and your mouth starts being probed like an anus onboard an alien spaceship.

But sometimes there’s some light relief to be found even in a dentist’s office!

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My Melody dental clinic opens in Saitama: Sanrio faces its greatest licensing challenge yet

Sanrio and its vast array of cute characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody have been seen on nearly every product imaginable – from contact lenses to passenger aircraft, they have made things just that much cuter. Hello Kitty was even able to explain forms of South African torture in her adorable dictionary.

But Sanrio may have bitten off more than they can chew with the Hearts Dental Clinic in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture. Is the sweetly disarming image of the hooded bunny My Melody enough to calm the considerable fears of children visiting the dentist?

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Mie Prefecture dentist arrested after massaging woman’s chest in order to fix “misaligned” teeth

It’s an excuse so implausible that it sounds like something straight out of the plot of an adult video, but a dentist in Japan’s Mie Prefecture was arrested earlier this week after fondling a young woman’s chest in the back room of his surgery while claiming that doing so would help fix her misaligned teeth.

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