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While the entire franchise gets collectively called Sailor Moon, the anime version of Japan’s most successful magical girl saga is technically divided up into a string of year-long sequel series. The initial 1992 season, Pretty Solider Sailor Moon, led directly into Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS, and finally Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, before the whole thing was rebooted with this year’s Sailor Moon Crystal.

So really it’s only natural that the now sold-out line of Sailor Moon lingerie is now getting a follow-up, with upgrades for the core cast of five Sailor Senshi and what appears to be a few new friends joining them.

From a business perspective, the whole point of releasing limited-quantity merchandise is to encourage people to buy now, before their interest fades and they decide they actually can do without whatever you’re selling. Still, sometimes this sort of plan works a little too well.

Such was the case when intimate apparel manufacturer Peach John and anime merchandiser Bandai teamed up last year to create the Sailor Moon Transformation Bra Sets. They sold out so quickly that many fans weren’t able to procure the coveted anime-inspired undies, and the two companies have been swamped with requests to reissue them.

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Now, their wish has been granted, as Peach John and Banda have announced a second round of Sailor Moon lingerie sales. While exact details have yet to be revealed, what companies have said that they will be re-releasing the previous sets for Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Even better, whether by design or coincidence, they’re keeping with the spirit of the anime by giving them a power-up for the sequel, as each set will now include not only the bra, panties, and ribbons of the original versions, but also a skirt.

▼ Which, not surprisingly, appears to be pleated

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Peach John has also made mysterious comments about new additions to the line, and it’s not too had to guess what they might be. New seasons of Sailor Moon tended to add new magical girls, and clearly visible in the teaser image on the company’s website are the silhouettes of Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Chibi Moon, Saturn, and no-longer-a-planet-but-still-a-Senshi Pluto.

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As before, the new batch of Sailor Moon lingerie will be available online from Peach John and Premium Bandai. Pricing has not yet been announced, but is likely to be somewhere near the 4,980 yen (US$49.30) the previous versions sold for. More details are scheduled to be released around the time pre-orders open in mid-September.

Source: RBB Today
Top image: Peach John
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