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We recently got a sneak peak at the second batch of Sailor Moon lingerie from merchandiser Bandai and intimate apparel maker Peach John. But while the two companies were generous with photos of what the new bra/panty/skirt sets will look like, they were only shown on nondescript, limbless mannequins.

Not only does a new batch of pictures rectify that with a human model, it also shows off some more modest bedroom attire, in the form of negligees and pajamas inspired by the dresses of characters Princess Serenity and Black Lady, plus the school uniforms worn by the five core Sailor Senshi.

Slipping into the anime undies is 28-year-old Haruna Kojima, a member of Japan’s massively popular idol supergroup, AKB48. In celebration of the Friday release of the new lineup, Miss Kojima posed for the cameras dressed as both Sailors Moon and Pluto.

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Going on sale along with the lingerie sets is the Princess Serenity negligee, modeled after the garb worn by protagonist Usagi in her role as ruler of the moon.

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A sultrier option is this negligee based on the costume of Black Lady, Sailor Moon’s rival and adversary during the Sailor Moon R portion of the anime. It’s also slightly cheaper than Princess Serenity’s nightwear, costing 9,698 yen (US $91) compared to 14,018 yen ($130) for the goody-two-shoes monarch’s.

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Finally, Peach John is rolling out one-piece pajamas for the school uniforms worn by the Inner Senshi when they’re not battling evil.

▼ Clockwise from top-left: Minako Aino, Usagi Tsukino, Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno, and Rei Hino

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Being classmates, the versions for Usagi and Ami (Sailors Moon and Mercury), have the same coloring, although Usagi’s has an extra ornament in the center of its bow. Minako (Sailor Venus) wears a slightly different uniform at her school across town, with a ribbon that hangs down straight to the waist.

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Since Rei (Sailor Mars) attends a different school, her uniform features a different design altogether, as does Makoto’s (Sailor Jupiter), who kept her old duds after transferring to Usagi’s school.

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All five pajama varieties are priced at 5,378 yen ($50). Preorders for the entire lineup open September 19 at 1pm JST, with shipments scheduled for March of 2015.

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