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Nothing says fun like defacing one of your country’s beloved historical figures. Queen Elizabeth with a lightning bolt across her face à la glam rock band Kiss, George Washington with a Hilter mustache, and whatever it is that’s going on up in here are just a few examples of the lengths people will go to have a little fun with history.

Even Du Fu, often called the greatest Chinese poet of all time, isn’t immune to the idle hands of creative doodlers. Let’s take a look at 18 different Du Fu makeovers by Chinese artists.

For reference, here’s the original photo of Du Fu:

Textbook doodles in China1

And here come the doodles:

▼ Attack on Du Fu
Textbook doodles in China

▼ This Gundam Du Fu displays a nice use of Whiteout.Textbook doodles in China4

▼ Ultra Du Fu
Textbook doodles in China7

▼ He’s ready to catch ’em all.Textbook doodles in China3

▼ Ronald McDonald looks so wise now.Textbook doodles in China6

▼ Desu NōtoTextbook doodles in China5

▼ We don’t think Du Fu Mario will be slipping down any drain pipes anytime soon.Textbook doodles in China10

▼ Another (creepier) Attack on Titan take.Textbook dooles in China11

▼ Diglett Fu
Textbook doodles in China9

▼ We wonder what an 8th century poet would listen to on his iPod.Textbook doodles in China8

▼ Wowza!Textbook dooles in China12

This guy?Textbook dooles in China13

▼ Use the force, Du Fu.Textbook dooles in China14

▼ Kamen Rider!Textbook dooles in China15

▼ Monkey Du Lu-Fu-y
Textbook dooles in China16

▼ What if poets rode in giant mechs? Would their work be more insightful?Textbook dooles in China17

▼ Du Fu is going to go Super Saiyan on your a**.Textbook dooles in China18

▼ And whatever this is…Textbook doodles in China2

Source: CuRazy