Tokyo theme park closes down, thanks visitors with touching water graffiti message

The only thing better than the message itself is the fascinating water printer machine that “prints” it. 

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45-year-old man arrested for writing “Pyewwww Poop” on public toilet seat

The streets just got a little safer.

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Wannabe science fiction writer graffitis centuries-old Kyoto temple for extremely weird reason

Baffling justification still gets him arrested.

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Graffiti artist Pikachu plushies coming to brand-new Shibuya Pokémon Center megastore【Photos】

New shop within walking distance from Scramble Intersection also has giant Mewtwo in research tube greeting guests.

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Australian tourist in Japan arrested for graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto

Tag found in 36 places, foreign tourist claims it was art

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The most vandalised vending machines in Japan? We check out a grungy duo at America Village

This pair turns heads on the street, but do they even work?

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One graffiti artist to be honored by Tokyo while another graffiti artist sits in jail

Tokyo governor sends clear message never to vandalize…unless you’re the toast of the art world.

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Australian arrested at Narita Airport for graffiti on Japanese train in Tokyo

The suspect claims he’s innocent, despite being in possession of spray cans and bolt cutters.

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Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto “crying” as tourists vandalise trees

Kyoto has a heartbreaking message for visitors who carve graffiti on trees in the famous grove.

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Lame tourists’ lame excuse for spray-painting graffiti in Tokyo still gets them arrested

Claim they thought graffiti was allowed in one Tokyo neighborhood.

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“Graffiti Temple” in Kyoto, where visitors are encouraged to deface the walls

It’s quite normal to hear news of someone graffiting pieces of world heritage and feel a sense of outrage, but Kyoto’s Tandenan Temple actually encourages such scrawl. Our writer Masami grabbed a sharpie and went to check it out.

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Art collective POW! WOW! completes series of murals in Tokyo’s Tennozu Isle【Photos】

If you happen to have been wandering around Tennozu Isle this past week, you may have noticed a big change. The somewhat drab little island of office buildings and factories has been distinctly enlivened by a series of large public murals courtesy of an international group of artists known as POW! WOW!

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American artist combines ukiyo-e and graffiti art in the coolest way possible

Street art is just cool. Ukiyo-e woodblock prints are also just cool. Put them both together and you get the uber-cool identity-exploring works of Los Angeles artist Gajin Fujita, who fuses Japanese iconography with the U.S. urban vocabulary of graffiti.

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Manhole up! Local artist brings his creations to the streets

There are aspects of city life that people don’t want to draw attention to. Quick, what do you think of when you read “sewer”? Those who thought of the entrance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lair, we know what generation you’re from! Most likely though you thought of waste and sewage, something that every city probably wants you to ignore! Most places don’t want to draw attention to what is hidden underneath the manhole cover, but RocketNews24 has shown you before that Japan isn’t one of those countries. China on the other hand doesn’t have a custom sewer cover industry. Their billions of manhole covers are destined to be boring slabs of cast iron.

Or are they….???

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18 different makeovers for China’s prominent poet

Nothing says fun like defacing one of your country’s beloved historical figures. Queen Elizabeth with a lightning bolt across her face à la glam rock band Kiss, George Washington with a Hilter mustache, and whatever it is that’s going on up in here are just a few examples of the lengths people will go to have a little fun with history.

Even Du Fu, often called the greatest Chinese poet of all time, isn’t immune to the idle hands of creative doodlers. Let’s take a look at 18 different Du Fu makeovers by Chinese artists.

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Possibly the greatest textbook doodles of all time

Remember back in high school when you’d opened up your textbook to find George Washington picking his nose and Joseph Stalin with a peg leg and eye patch. It was enough to make you bow down and thank the graffiti gods for giving you a much needed distraction from the incessant ramblings of your instructor.

Textbook doodles seem to transcend national borders and bored students from all over the world appear to have a penchant for defiling educational tools. We’ve already shown you some from Asia, a continent that seems to be home to an abundance of bored students with idle hands. Now let’s take a look at textbook doodles from Twitter user and Japanese high school student, Chanta, who takes it to a whole other level, actually erasing parts of his textbook to create entirely different, albeit twisted, pictures.

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Manga artists draw on the walls of Shogakukan building at “Big Graffiti Rally” 【Photo Gallery】

Plans to demolish a building in Tokyo have been met with plenty of smiles and a whole lot of creativity. A building belonging to Shogakukan, a manga publisher in Japan that prints popular magazine, Weekly Shonen Sunday, received a makeover right before the walls come crumbling down at the “Big Graffiti Rally” held on August 9. The publisher invited its own artists to draw on the soon-to-be demolished walls of the worn-out “Over Q Building.” The event was attended by a large number of manga artists who showed off their skills on the oversized blank canvases.

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Chinese teen defaces ancient relief in Egyptian temple, tracked down by irate netizens

With photos of people doing unsightly things on public transport and reports of cockroaches floating in smoothies, it’s true that China hasn’t been painted in the best light recently. However, an incident occurring in Egypt has caused outrage both at home and abroad after it was discovered that a Chinese tourist had scrawled a message on a wall in an ancient Egyptian temple.

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“Aaaaaaaaa!”  or “When Scribble Gets Out of Hand”

Remember how much fun it was practicing writing the alphabet when you were a kid? Every single letter; upper and lowercase; again and again; page after page after page. Good times, no?

Well, at least one Japanese NicoNico Douga user seems to think that there’s no better way to pass the time than filming herself writing a few Japanese characters on a sheet of paper. Sorry, did I say “a few” characters? How about just one character? 30,000 times… Read More