Air pollution in Beijing on February 25 was worryingly high, but one couple wasn’t going to let that spoil their special day. The brave pair risked the toxic smog to pose for their wedding shots, but took sensible steps to keep themselves safe. The results, however, are a little more creepy than they are romantic.

A Chinese blogger spotted the couple wearing the odd combination of wedding attire and gas masks, who appeared to be having their wedding photo shoot! The couple posed for a few snaps in the island in the middle of the road before hurrying back into the car with their photographer.

The Air Pollution Index rated the air that day at 500, or ‘severe’, which is more serious than a forest fire! At this level of pollution, the air contains a number of toxic substances, and even healthy people can experience symptoms. On such a heavily polluted day, people are recommended to avoid outdoor activities, and the elderly and the sick should stay inside at all times. This may sound shocking, but it’s become commonplace in China’s capital, where the start of this year saw concentrations of toxic particles over 20 times higher than what is considered safe by the World Health Organization.

So was this really a couple who braved the hazardous conditions in a novel way? Or was it some kind of protest about the quality of air? Or perhaps just modern art? Or does anyone remember that episode of Doctor Who…?

We may never know, but the gas mask look might actually take off if the air doesn’t start to clear up soon.

▼ Could be romantic, could be a terrifying vision of a post-apocalyptic future. I’m still not sure.


▼ There’s nothing like a big old bus to add a dramatic background to a shot.


Source: Toychan Net