Attack of the giant kitties9

Netizens have been talking about a giant cat attack on helpless residents of one small town in Japan. The exact number of cats has yet to be confirmed, but eye-witnesses report seeing at least four felines stalking the premises. The photo above has been retweeted over 9,000 times in 15 hours and is accompanied by three additional chilling photos of the attempted takeover.

Attack of the giant kitties3

Authorities have yet to reveal a possible motive for this brutal attack, but local residents report hearing shouts of “Yo momma” coming from inside the building. Photographic evidence suggests that one resident, a cat herself, has been eaten by the clan’s leader, Chairman Meow.

Attack of the giant kitties

The residents have face difficulties keeping in contact with local authorities, but photos tweeted from inside the house show a desperate scene.

Attack of the giant kitties7

The cat clan began the rampage at high noon just yesterday and it appears they have no intention of leaving.

Attack of the giant kitties2

There has been an outpouring of sympathy for the comparatively small homeowners, with comments such as, “This is terrible, just terrible!” and “They’re going to die!! Someone do something!” However, if past photos are anything to go by, it seems the family isn’t so innocent:

Attack of the giant kitties12

Attack of the giant kitties6Image: Twitter (hiko33)

Attack of the giant kitties11

Attack of the giant kitties10

So the real question seems to be, “What did this family do to incur the wrath of the local cat clan?”

Source: niconico news
Images: Twitter (katakura_shinji)