A meat pie vendor in China has been a recent topic of discussion on the internet, but it’s not for his snacks. He is becoming popular largely because of his resemblance to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Locals are lining up to buy his snacks and to have the chance to see him in person. (No word on whether they are big fans of the president or just enjoy watching a politician do actual work.)

The unnamed vendor runs a humble stall in the Yuelu District of Changsha, Hunan Province. Changsha is a significant city for China’s communist party—it was where Mao Zedong became a communist.



Part of the attraction is that he seems to be Xi Jinping’s good twin. (But shouldn’t Xi have a little mustache to distinguish himself?)


▼ If they get into a fight, we won’t know which one to attack!


He has had hungry locals lining up to buy his food since he opened his stall in 2009, but the recent internet chatter has attracted even more people coming for a souvenir photo along with their tasty snacks.



Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and became China’s president in 2013. His marriage to singer Peng Liyuan makes them something of a celebrity couple in China. Xi’s father was a prominent figure in China’s revolution, but was incarcerated during the Cultural Revolution. This gave people hope that Xi would have progressive attitudes with regard to freedom of expression, but instead he has led a crackdown on any references to the Tiananmen Square incident or positive statements about democracy.

▼ Xi Jinping, perhaps about to erupt in evil laughter.


▼ Plotting the abduction of counter-revolutionaries, or just flipping a pie?


The hard-working vendor doesn’t stop making pies even while being interviewed. (Watch to the end for bonus footage of Kim Jong-un, Barack Obama and Kate Middleton look-alikes).

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Images: Toychan Net