The Japanese paper company Daishowa First has announced their newest high-quality product: a tissue box containing soft and luxurious tissues of 12 different hues. The product is named ‘Juunihitoe‘, a traditional Japanese word that refers to a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono worn by a court lady. It’s a fittingly regal name for something that will probably only be bought by A-list celebs with too much money on their hands. We don’t all have 100 dollars to drop on our snot-catchers, do we?!

The 12 shades are all named after colours from the natural world, mostly flowers, which have a lovely ring to them in Japanese. They are: sakura (pink), ake (scarlet), suo (sappanwood red), tachibana (mandarin orange), nanohana (mustard), wakamidori (verdant green), naeiro (seedling green), tokiwa midori (evergreen), wasurenagusa (forget-me-not), ruri (lapis lazuli), kikyo (Japanese bellflower), and fuji (wisteria).


The many-hued tissues come packed in a box of 144 (288 sheets) in a beautiful wrapping. It’s an elegant product with a price tag to match; it’ll set you back 10,000 yen (or around US$100)! If a standard Kleenex just isn’t good enough for your precious schnozz, you can grab one of these limited boxes online from March 10.

Apparently they are ‘vibrantly dyed, soft, delicate, with a quality feel, as only Daishowa First can do justice to’, and they do indeed look very pretty. And so they should be at 70 yen (70 cents) per tissue! Frankly I think I’d feel bad blowing all that money away.

Could these be the finest (and most expensive) tissues in the world?!

Source: Hachima Kikou