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Japan loves anime. Japan loves cosplay. It also likes tiny little dogs. So it was probably only a matter of time until someone decided to dedicate an entire blog to photos of, you guessed it, tiny cosplaying dogs. And not just any cosplay either; Sailor Moon cosplay.

With land sold at a premium and landlords reluctant to take on tenants with larger, noisier pets, many dog lovers in Japan opt for smaller breeds that (generally) make less noise and won’t be tripped over every five seconds in a cramped apartment. Chihuahuas, toy poodles, pugs and more are a frequent sights in inner-city Tokyo and Osaka, either being walked or carried around in luxurious pet carriers or tiny wagons, and their owners positively dote on them, most likely because a huge number of the dogs are bought from specialist breeders at a premium (<sad face> get a rescue, guys, come on).

Japanese Instagram user Mayama_ya dedicates her space online to photos of tiny dogs dressed in even tinier cosplay outfits. Even if you’re not a Sailor Moon fan, we think you’ll agree that these pics are utterly adorable.

▼ The whole crew’s outfits

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▼ Suited up and ready for battle

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 Let’s take a closer look at the pups, starting with a sleepy-looking Sailor Moon.

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Not cute enough for you? How about a video of them running around in their outfits?

Hmmm, I wonder if my cat would be quite as patient as these pups…

Source: Mayama_ya via Netorabo