If you’re a woman in her late twenties in Japan, chances are you grew up obsessed with Naoko Takeuchi’s “Magical Girl” manga series Sailor Moon and its accompanying anime. Given Japan’s love of natsukashii (nostalgic) cuteness, it’s really not that shocking that there’s now a thriving market out there for adult-appropriate Sailor Senshi outfits and accessories – we’ve even recently seen a trend for grown women wearing Sailor Moon undies. Not content with mere ribbon-bedecked panties? Well, now you can replace your dingy old curry-stained cooking apron with a stylish and colorful Sailor Moon version! In the name of the Moon… let’s get cooking!

The new aprons, available via the Premium Bandai online shop, come in five colors which each correspond to one of the Sailor Senshi gang. Which one is your favorite?

▼ Sailor Mercury


▼ Sailor Mars 

▼ Sailor Jupiter

▼ Sailor Venus

▼ “Chibi-Moon” (aka Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa)

Simply pop your head through the sailor collar, tie the satin ribbons in the back, and get ready to cook Senshi-style! “But hang on,” I hear you cry, “what if I want to be Sailor Moon not Sailor Chibi Moon?” Well, the “Sailor Moon” apron itself is already available. These five new aprons are an extension of the range to include more of the Senshi gang!

The aprons are priced at 6,480 yen each (around US$60) which seems a little steep for something primarily used to guard against cooking spatters. But bear in mind that these are no ordinary aprons – one of these babies could pull double-duty as a sweet cosplay costume! Just, er… remember to wear something underneath it, okay?

Unfortunately, there’s a considerable waiting period to get through – even if you reserved one online today, it wouldn’t be ready for dispatch until December! Yeowch! Well, there goes my Halloween costume…

Source: Netorabo, Premium Bandai
Images: Premium Bandai