No need to go through a pastel transformation sequence to suit up like Usagi and friends!

As any Japan-focused aesthetic blogger worth their salt will tell you, the sailor-style collar on a schoolgirl shirt is one of the cutest and most definitive symbols of youth and cuteness. All manner of adorable anime protagonists sport blocky lapels and bright ribbons as part of their uniform, and perhaps the most emblematic sailor uniform of all belongs to Usagi TsukinoSailor Moon herself.

▼ It doesn’t hurt that she and her friends continue to sport color-coded sailor uniforms when fighting evil.

Premium Bandai, our eternal ally when it comes to otaku merchandise and arch-enemy of our wallets, has come up with a line of cute comfy T-shirts for you to represent your favorite sailor scout without going to the lengths or commitment of a full-scale cosplay. The shirts are specifically designed to be subtle, so you can represent your favorite planetary superheroine in public without shame. Though, be honest, who would be embarrassed to be outed as a Sailor Jupiter fan?

▼ The full line-up of cute summer shirts.

The shirts were made to promote the upcoming two-part movie, Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal. The first movie hits cinemas across Japan on January 8 2021, but you’ll have to act much faster than that to grab a shirt of your best girl: the pre-order period runs up until September 9 of this year, with shipping expected sometime in October.

▼ Usagi’s classic colors are printed across the collar, with the movie’s logo on the back.

Naturally, you can select shirts in the colors of titular heroine Usagi and her inner-system pals Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. But fans of the outer scouts need not fear: Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Pluto are represented here as well. There’s even a version for tiny pink warrior Chibi Moon!

▼ Neptune’s aquatic colors will go great with any summer look.

The shirts themselves are made from 100 percent cotton, with a primarily cotton-based polyester blend for the rib. Each one comes in three sizes — small, medium or large — but keep in mind the difference between Japan’s sizing and that of other countries. So, just how much will it cost to dress in this casual closet cosplay version of your fave sailor scout? Well…4,400 yen (US$41.61) including tax.

If that seems steep, it may be worth shelling out on a Sailor Moon outfit for your pet, instead.

Source: Premium Bandai via Nijimen
Images: Premium Bandai

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