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Anime fans the world over are about to get a treat with the July 5 premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, the new series featuring Japanese animation’s most beloved cast of magical girls. But while we’re all excited about being able to see the Sailor Scouts once again, this month also brings a chance to become them, with a cosplay event in Tokyo that’ll provide you with not only a Sailor Moon costume, but a professional photographer to take pictures for you, too.

Since it’s opening in 1979, Shibuya’s 109 plaza has been the place for glamorous gals to shop in the trendy Tokyo neighborhood. Like many malls in Japan, 109 is about to kick off its summer sale, and to help mark its 35-year milestone the center has recruited the Sailor Moon cast as its celebrity spokesmodels.

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The first round of the 109 sale runs from July 5 to 11, and is immediately followed by a second “Final” sale from July 12 to 31. On the 5th and 6th, the first 5,000 shoppers to show up will receive a Sailor Moon Crystal fan, while 5,000 early birds on the 12th and 13th can get a plastic file with the lunar guardian superimposed in front of the 109 tower.

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In addition, pictures of the Sailor Senshi will also be plastered on the buildings walls. Up on the eighth floor, the clothing store Spinns will be selling six varieties of Sailor Moon Crystal cloth shoulder bags, the first pieces of merchandise to be released for the new series.

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The big draw though, is the Sailor Moon Transformation Photo Shoot, which is also being held on 109’s eighth floor on July 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, and 21. Your options aren’t limited to just the titular heroine herself, as official costumes are also provided for brainy Sailor Mercury, fiery Sailor Mars, fashionable Sailor Venus, and all-around great girl Sailor Jupiter.

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On the six days the photo event is being held, a professional will be on hand to take photos of would-be Sailor Senshi from 1-8 p.m. (although you have to show up by 7 o’clock).

There are two catches, though. First, the event is only open to shoppers who spend 3,000 yen (US $29.50) or more at 109 on that day. Considering that 109 is 10 floors (eight above ground, two below) of nothing but fashion, though, we don’t think finding 3,000 yen worth of stuff to buy will be a problem. Neither do the photo shoot’s organizers, who’re capping participation at the first 10 qualifying customers on July 5 and 6, the first 30 on July 12 and 13, and the first 50 on July 20 and 21.

One of the core messages of the Sailor Moon franchise is to never give up, though, and there is one very big silver lining to this. Dropping the requisite cash and registering for the photo shoot doesn’t give just you the right to dress up like your favorite Senshi, but also up to four of your friends. Since that works out to just 600 yen a person, we’d say it’s a pretty attractive offer.

Just be aware that 109 doesn’t allow pets, so bringing along your pet cat as a stand-in for Luna isn’t an option.

▼ A plushie, though, is

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