The kabuki-faced YouTuber shares the moment he caught his final Pokémon in London.

In August, New York gamer Nick Johnson made international headlines after being the first person to catch all of the Pokémon in the mobile augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Now one happy Japanese gamer has achieved the same accolade, although with much less fanfare, thanks to the help of Japanese street clothing brand KINGLYMASK, who sponsored the trainer’s travel to Australia and the U.K. so he could complete his bulging Pokédex.

The YouTuber, called Kabukin, is known for appearing in his videos wearing a full face of kabuki-style makeup and using the words and actions of a traditional kabuki actor, all while dressed in a baseball cap and casual wear. After capturing the North American-exclusive Pokémon, Tauros, on a trip to the States in July, Kabukin declared himself to be the first person in Japan to have caught 143 Pokémon in the game, which led to him receiving sponsored trips to Australia, where he captured Kangaskhan, and the U.K., where he filmed this video, capturing the moment he found the European-exclusive character Mr. Mime on a street in London after days of searching, officially earning himself the title of Pokémon GO master after catching all 145 Pokémon currently available in the game.

▼ Check out the moment when the man became a master at 2:59 below.

▼ The look of relief on Kabukin’s face is clear to see as the tired gamer finally spots the elusive Mr. Mime in his path.


▼ With Mr. Mime in his sights, he successfully catches it…



▼ And is now a Pokémon Go master!


▼ Although, looking up and down the street, he finds there’s no-one around to share his joyful news with.


Well done, Kabukin! Now you can put your feet up and get some rest after all that Pokémon hunting!

If you’d like to see the gamer catching Tauros in the States and Kangaskhan in Sydney, check out the videos below.

For more crazy clips featuring the kabuki-faced star, including a metal version of the world-famous tune Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, you can join his 87,000 subscribers over on his YouTube channel.

Source: Spotlight Media
Top Image: YouTube/Kabukin