Pikachu World Cup

The Blue Samurai, Japan’s national soccer team, will be fighting their way through this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament with the help of one of the world’s most recognizable characters. Adidas announced on Saturday that Pikachu, everyone’s favorite electrifying mouse-like creature, will be joined by 10 other Pokemon to cheer on the boys in blue.

The official promotional image features Captain Pikachu surrounded by Chespin, Bulbasaur, Pancham, Froakie, Meowth, Fennekin, Charmander, Helioptile, Litleo, and Squirtle . All Pokemon are dressed in Team Japan’s offiical kit for the matches.

The always adorable Pokemon will be right at home with Brazil’s official mascot for the games, an equally cute blue and yellow armadillo named Fuelco. It’s unclear how much of an advantage choosing Pikachu and friends will be, but it’s certain that come June, Japan will have the cutest team in the world.

Pikachu World Cup2

Pikachu World Cup3

Source: Soccerly via Joystiq