I’ve always maintained that fish are the best pets, largely because they’re quiet and the chance of them peeing on your sofa is fairly slim. That said, I can see why dogs appeal to some people especially in modern society. When you’re feeling stressed over your latest work assignment, it’s nice to have an animal companion with the kind of straightforward emotional honesty that reminds you how happy life can be when you live in a world that has such awesome things as squirrels to be chased and sausages to be eaten.

But sometimes this phenomenon works in reverse, and if dogs’ can get such a huge boost from small things, it doesn’t always take much to swing their emotional state back the other way, as this troubled little guy shows us.

But what’s he fretting over exactly?

Like most dogs, this shiba inu, named Tora, is an excitable little fellow. When his owner beckons, he’ll eagerly follow her around the house. He’s such a good sport that he’ll even hop into the tub at her command, but once she shuts the door, the grim realization sets in: it’s bath time.


“Every time, he runs into the room and looks so happy, right up until I go to close the door,” says his owner. “He’s a dummy, but he’s so cute.”

Internet commentators were just as taken with Tora as his loving owner is.

“My dog does the exact same thing.”
“Those eyebrows are just so sad.”
“You can tell he’s thinking, ‘Huh? We’re not going for a walk?’”
“She got me again!”
“I don’t think I could ever wash him as long as he was looking at me like that.”

Hang in there, Tora! We know bath time’s not your favorite thing in the world, but if it happens infrequently enough that you keep forgetting what happens when you get led into the bathroom, we’re guessing if you just grit your teeth and bear it, you’ll have a nice long time to get grubby again before your next hose down.

Source: image: Hamster Sokuho