Just in time for the holiday season, for that Pokémon lover in your life.

Pokémon fans always hit the jackpot when it comes to collaboration clothing and accessories, and their catalog just got bigger. Famous bag brand LeSportsac Japan has collaborated with Pokémon to release a line of stylish bags. They feature Pokémon like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Gengar, Jigglypuff, Piplup, and more. The collection goes on sale November 17 and includes more than 15 items in the collection, all with different themes, styles, and characters.

We’ll show you just some of the designs, starting with the Gold Pikachu bags, which are a metallic gold color with a Pikachu tail charm. There’s one tote option for 15,400 yen (US$135.09), and a crossbody bag for 18,700 yen.

▼ If you’re looking for a statement piece, this is definitely it.

▼ It’s just the shine you need for an all-neutral outfit.

Another design includes 16 pixelated versions of Pokémon on a dark blue background. The large deluxe everyday bag is 22,000 yen and as a ton of useful pockets. There’s also a small makeup pouch for 3,850 yen and a mini crossbody bag for 7,150 yen.

▼ The Pokéballs and flowers also add a nice touch.

▼ Go to school, work, or travel with your favorite characters!

For more Pikachu madness, there are also Pikachu Monogram bags that prominently feature Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail from different angles. This design includes an easy carry tote – which can be carried a few different ways – for 11,550 yen, a wristlet for 11,880 yen, a crossbody bag for 9,900 yen, and more.

▼ Such speed! So much tail.

▼ And if you have a lot of stuff to carry, there’s a Monogram bag for that, too.

Want a tote that’s large enough to fit your papers and laptop in? Try this Pikachu Monogram Tote! It costs 12,100 yen and can fit up to A4 size paper with ease. The winking Pikachu and heart-tipped tail are also an adorable touch.

▼ Who could not smile looking at this?

▼ Make yourself shockingly approachable.

Maybe you’re more of a pouch person, or you stan First Generation Starter Pokémon. There are options for you! These pouches come in a set of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander wristlets for 8,800 yen per set.

▼ You could enjoy all three yourself or split them with friends.

Rounding off the designs are these square-shaped pouches. They’re great for obvious items like makeup or smaller valuables, but the extra height allows you to fit just a bit more in.

▼ The design features two pairs of characters: a pink pouch with Pikachu and Piplup…

▼ …and a purple one with Gengar and Jigglypuff. Both are 5,280 yen a piece.

If you spend over 17,000 yen on the collaboration goods, you’ll also receive a bandana present! It features the Pikachu Monogram design.

▼ There are limited quantities, though, so have your wallet ready.

The collection will be available at LeSportsac shops around Japan, as well as online. If you’re going to mail one as a gift, don’t forget to send it with your Pokémon stamps!

Source, images: PR Times
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