Clever design lets you give these good boys some well-deserved pets as you dry your hands.

Pets in general have seen a big boost to their popularity in Japan in recent years, but no cuddly canine gets more love and attention these days than the Shiba Inu. Why? Because while plenty of dogs are cute, Shiba are also incredibly goofy.

Among other antics, Shiba Inu have a knack for wedging themselves into bushes, fences, and other narrow openings, all without ever losing their silly smiles. Like the rest of us, the designers at Felissimo, Japan’s leading maker of pet-themed merch, have been thoroughly charmed by these Shiba scenes, and have channeled that inspiration into these cleverly cute hand towels.

At first glance, it looks like just a lovable pooch peeking out at you, which is plenty appealing on its own. But the real fun comes when you unfold the towel…

…and free the trapped Shiba!

The simple change of frame even alters the impression given off by the dogs’ expressions. For example, this guy at first seems to be thinking, “Hehe, how did I get myself stuck in this hedge? I’m such a cltuzy dork!”

But once you liberate him from verdant captivity, his mood seems to have shitted to…

”Thank you thank you thank you! Now rub my belly!”

▼ And yes, drying your hands on these also counts as petting the good boys.

The towels measure 37.5 centimeters (14.8 inches in length) by 25 centimeters in width, and are priced at 1,800 yen (US$16.50) each. As with many of Felissimo’s products, they’re offered like a monthly subscription, with a new towel shipping each month, which means you won’t know which you’re getting first until it arrives, but with a lineup his cute, there really aren’t any duds.

Orders can be placed online here through Felissimo’s You+More! Sub-brand’s website. Oh, and don’t forget about their adorable Shiba Inu marshmallows either!

Source, images: Press release
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