No, you didn’t just step back into the ’90s; there’s a brand new Game Boy game on the horizon.

It would seem that my decision to doggedly avoid smartphone games and PS Vitas has paid finally off, because a new game just for my favorite console set to be shipped out this coming April. It’s a medieval-themed puzzle game going by the name of Airaki and will work with many of the old Game Boy units. It’s about time!

In Airaki, players must arrange items on a grid in rows of three to launch an attack against opponents. Of course you compete against an increasingly difficult lineup of AI opponents but utilizing the Game Boy’s state-of-the-art game-link cable technology you can puzzle-battle all your friends… who… also have a Game Boy and a copy of Airaki.

Japanese netizens responded to the upcoming release with mixed responses. Some celebrated the announcement writing, “Great! It’s been ages since a release.” Many others we hit with a case of nostalgia, saying, “Oh, it’s like Panel de Pon [Tetris Attack], that takes me back,” and, “Link cable lol, I remember that.” Also, as with anything announced to go down in April many suspected this to be some kind of prank.

However, it doesn’t look to be a joke as the game’s developer and dealer Furrtek Software Engineering are taking orders from their website. Airaki sells for €18 (US$25) or more depending on international orders, or you can pick up a bundle with two games and a link cable, since you probably lost yours a long time ago, for €37 ($51).

The game is compatible with Super Game Boy units as well as Game Boy Color, Advance for those of you who like highfalutin bells and whistles like “color.” But if you’re like me and believe that the only true way to play video games is in varying shades of puke-green, worry not: it also works with the original monochrome Game Boy and Game Boy pocket.

Source: Furrtek Software Engineering, Facebook (English), Inside, My Game News Flash (Japanese)