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Heads up, gamers and audiophiles! Datel Japan has just announced that its latest gaming hardware-themed accessory, dubbed the “Retro GB earphone mic”, will go on sale next month. And it is truly a thing of tremendous, geeky beauty.

Although it features a retractable cable which extends from 55 to 120cm and back again with minimal fuss, the real star of Datel’s newest accessory is the miniature Game Boy (minus its logo for legal reasons, of course) which comes not only with a microphone for taking voice calls while out and about, but even has a tiny volume dial on its left edge reminiscent of those on the original Nintendo Game Boy portable console.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 4.51.19 PM

Like Datel’s Famicom-themed earphones released in March this year, the GB mini microphone unit can be detached from the supplied earphones, meaning that if you have a pair of ‘phones that you particularly love, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t use them with this wonderful little homage to the grandaddy of portables.

The Retro GB earphone mic is due to go on sale this November, priced at 2,138 yen (US$20). I tell ya, what with these and the retro controller chocolate and popsicle moulds that I discovered earlier this week, my poor wife is going to be spending a fair amount of time shopping online for me this Christmas. Well, provided she hasn’t left me for someone less nerdy by then.

Source/images: Hachima Kikou