With the rise of “Cool Japan” as a major part of both the Japanese economic and governmental policy, it’s hardly surprising that so much effort has gone into encouraging tourism. But really, they don’t need to focus on getting people to come…after all, who hasn’t watched an episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and not wanted to come to Tokyo!?

But once you’ve settled into your hotel room and slept off the jet lag, then what? Sure, you could just go outside and wander around until you stumbled over a cat cafe, but if your time in the city is limited, you want to do your sightseeing (and souvenir purchasing) efficiently. And for those of you who already live here or are planning for an extended stay, you might be looking for something new to do on the weekend. If so, it might be time for you to check out this new website called 100 Tokyo!

The recently launched website is one part of the “Cool Japan” plan put forth by METI, the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. As you probably know, the Ministry is working to stimulate the Japanese economy through tourism and increasing the sales of “content” like anime and music. This new website is one small, but potentially very powerful, piece of the puzzle, as it seeks to introduce international tourists to some of Tokyo’s trendiest spots.

The website’s entries include large, gorgeous photos along text in both Japanese and English, a plus for anyone studying the language and visitors alike! Right now, the site has just over 30 entries, sorted into categories from “design” to “nightclubs” and from “architecture” to “sightseeing.” Obviously, they’re missing a few spots if they’re going to live up to the site’s name, but they promise to fill the page up with more places to visit throughout the year. In addition to the more static shops and venues, they have a list of events–which, unfortunately, only has one entry so far.

100tokyo 2

Okay, so the site is a bit of a work in progress, but it does boast some nifty features. For example, you can “save” any of the destinations that you decide to check out after logging in with your Facebook or Google+ account and then quickly access information like address, phone number, and operating hours. You can also search for places to visit on a Google map with all the destinations clearly marked. It’s useful for finding locations close to each other so you don’t find yourself needlessly criss-crossing the city.

The site also features photo tours. Currently, there are just two of them, one with the internationally-loved Japanese singer Meg and another with Jackson Tan, one of Singapore’s most famous designers. These photo tours provide great ideas for a way to spend a free day in the city.

Of course, since the website was commissioned by METI, there’s obviously a focus on high-end locations, so you might want to check your wallet before heading out. On the other hand, the photos are pretty awesome, so even if you’re stuck at home or the office, at least you can click around the site and daydream about relaxing in the most fashionable spots in Tokyo!

Now all they need is about 70 more entries and a photo tour with Mr. Sato drinking his way through Golden Gai, and the site will be complete!

Sources: 100 Tokyo, Kai You
Images: 100 Tokyo