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Have ever wondered what Japanese superhero Ultraman does to relax after fighting off rubber-suited lobster aliens? Apparently, everyone’s favorite defender of the universe has been vacationing in sunny Hawaii alongside his parents and a few of his mortal enemies-turned-surfing buddies.

The tropical holiday is part of a hilarious campaign by Hawaii’s tourism association to draw Japanese visitors to the islands. Click below to see some surreal pictures of the Ultraman crew lounging by the pool, learning yoga and practicing their hula dance!

First introduced in 1966, Ultraman’s special brand of kitschy tokusatsu action is still hugely popular in Japan today where you can see the red-and-silver metallic superhero from outer space in video games, movies and on pencil cases.

Although Ultraman is most famous for his “Spacium Ray” move that can decimate enemy monsters in a single beam of energy, Hawaii’s tourism industry seems to be hoping that they can tap into the superhero’s marketing powers to draw much-needed Japanese tourist dollars their way. Japanese tourists aren’t going to or spending as much in the state as much as they used to and Hawaii is banking on a powerful weapon to turn that situation around—Ultraman nostalgia.

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In the tourism campaign, called “Ultra Hawaii,” Ultraman Taro is shown taking his parents on a Hawaiian vacation. During the trip, a gift from Ultraman Taro, the family travels all over the islands, soaking up the sun and enjoying some time off from saving Tokyo from destructive alien creatures.

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And to show how serene and relaxing a trip to Hawaii can be, even two of Ultraman’s mortal enemies, Alien Baltan and Pigmon, join in on the fun. The crisp Hawaiian air, the sound of waves gently lapping at the white sand beach and a nice tropical drink can turn even the most bloodthirsty alien warmonger into a friendly good-natured person in no time!

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According to the official Ultra Hawaii canon, the two monsters heard about the Ultraman family trip to Hawaii and went there for a final showdown with their sworn enemies. While they tracked down the family, the monsters made the most of their visit and enjoyed a little slice of Hawaiian life. By the time they found the Ultraman family, their Hawaiian vacation had completely changed their violent ways and they decided to give up fighting Ultraman and instead enjoy their time on Hawaii with their new friends. And when the Ultraman parents decided to renew their vows at the Ko Olina Chapel Palace of Joy, Alien Baltan and Pigmon showed up to show their support!

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In addition to the inevitable Ultraman merchandise, there will be a 2.5 meter statue on Oahu for six months starting in April to lure Japanese tourists. And what would a Japanese tourism experience be without a “stamp rally” where visitors can collect special stamps at sightseeing spots.

Take a look at the Ultra Hawaii video and let us know in the comments below what you think of Ultraman’s foray into marketing tropical vacations!

Video: YouTube (Ultra Hawaii)

Feature Image: Ultra Hawaii
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