Preorders for all five types of CUM have already begun!

Sadly, we are far from out of the woods when it comes to COVID-19 in Japan, and that has really spurred companies of all kinds to develop their offerings in the increasingly crowded face-mask market here. From leading retailers like Uniqlo to military contractors, everyone is pushing Japan’s well-established mask culture from plain white strips to a true fashion accessory.

Also, entering the fray is figure maker CCP — not to be confused with the Japanese RC car maker by the same name or the Chinese Communist Party — with a range of masks themed on the long-running series Ultraman.

Called the CCP Ultra Mask — or “CUM” as they’ve proudly dubbed it on their press release — fans of the tokusatsu classic can choose between one of five designs based on various chapters and characters from the Ultraman universe.

With variety like this there’s sure to be a type of CUM that suits everyone’s taste. Each design also has its own slogan written across the front such as “Emperor who can dominate the galaxy” on the Kaiser Belial CUM or Ultraman CUM’s “Always smile and be bright and.”

▼ “It’s the dawn of ‘tokusatsu’ in Japan” is written on the Ultra Q CUM with it’s fitting black-and-white design

Each phrase is emblazoned on boldly colored designs that are both simple yet strikingly reminiscent of their respective theme, making it almost impossible for anyone to not notice the CUM on your face.

They sell for 1,343 yen (US$12) each and pre-orders are open from now until 31 August on the CCP website linked below. You better act fast though, because all this CUM is sure to get scooped up soon.

And given the timeless appeal of Ultraman, it’s sure to be a great gift for family members young and old. I can’t imagine any father not getting excited by the gift of CUM this holiday season. It’s a present that’s both loads of fun and shows you care about the person’s health and well being.

CUM certainly isn’t for everyone though, given it’s inherent boyish theme. Luckily, there’s no shortage of alternative mask designs in Japan, such as the lace bra ones that were a hit last April. To be honest, those seem a little racy for me, so I think I’ll just stick to some family-friendly CUM for now thank you very much.

Source: CCP Online Shop, @Press, Otakuma Keizai Shimbun
Images: @Press
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