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Manufacturer boasts that special treatment before packaging will feel great on your package.

I make most of my underwear purchasing decisions based on comfort and price. If I’m feeling particularly fashionable, I’ll probably also take color into consideration, but honestly, that’s about the depth of thought I put into underwear in my personal life (and in my professional life, I spend far more time dealing with women’s undergarments).

But maybe there are some unique advantages to certain brands of underwear I’ve been overlooking. For example, Japanese fashion company Seiren touts the anti-odor properties of its Deoest underwear, and now the line even has an extra-premium model with the nebulous benefits of having spent days soaking up the fresh Hawaiian air.

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After being sewn, Seiren’s Deoest Hawaiian Breeze boxer briefs were hung on a clothesline in the Aloha State for 48 hours, where they were caressed by the gentle island air currents in the hope that this would provide a similarly refreshing feeling for their eventual wearers.

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Then, at the end of their tropical vacation, they were taken down and sealed in glass containers.

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However, there’s only so much available space in Hawaii on which to string up rows of undies, so the available quantity of Deoest Hawaiian Breeze is limited to only 100 pairs. That scarcity commands a high price, as the 95-percent cotton, 5-percent polyurethane underwear (which is available exclusively through online outlets) sells for 6,580 yen (US$60) a pair on Seiren’s online shop and Rakuten.

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On the plus side, for a limited time, shoppers who spend more than 3,000 yen on Deoest products (Hawaiian Breeze or not) will also receive a bag of Hawaiian air.

▼ Seriously. The company collected it on the beach, then shipped the canister to Japan where it was pumped into plastic pouches.

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It’s sort of an odd bonus. If it’s inside a bag, Hawaiian air isn’t any different from, or more enjoyable than, less rarefied airs, but as soon as you open the pouch, it’s going to mix with the surrounding, non-Hawaiian atmosphere. Because of that, you’ll need to make use of it quickly, and given the implied benefits of the Hawaiian Breeze underwear, it seems the most logical choice would be to open the pouch and quickly fan the dissipating contents at your exposed junk.

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