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We’ve talked before about airsoft, and how the game that allows you to gun down your friends is ironically gaining seeing its ranks grow and grow in Japan. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses solid-state, BB-like ammo, so it’s a great way to unleash your inner remorseless 1980s action hero (or his gritty, 2010 reboot) without getting your fashionable combat fatigues stained with purple and orange splatters.

Most airsoft fields tend to be just that, fields out in the woods. But what if your combat fantasies are more Predator 2 than Predator, and you’d prefer an urban theater of operations? Is there a place where you can hunt the deadliest game: man?

Sure there is, at the Wanju Military Theme Park in Korea.

This expansive airsoft setup features roughly a dozen structures for players to try out their block-to-block tactics on. While most of the building are simple frames, there’s a pretty convincing gas station mock-up in the center of the combat zone.

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There are also clearly marked streets and crosswalks, because being chased by a gun-toting mob is no excuse for jaywalking.

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Of course, with streets and a filling station, there’s no reason not to have cars too. A variety of makes and models are scattered around, and they don’t provide the transportation necessary for a drive-by, they do offer cover.

▼ Remember, kids, stay away from suspicious panel vans with blacked-out windows, unless you’ve got a hail of gunfire coming at you.

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The realism even extends to nods the fictional city’s economy by including such things as a vending machine.

“Man, all this simulated killing sure is making me thirsty!”

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You can even find an arcade machine lying around that still retains its coin slot and joystick.

▼ Does anyone ever try to play this in the middle of the fight?

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There’s also the standard assortment of crates and barrels to hide behind, plus at least one two-story structure that provides a vantage point for sniping opponents. Needless to say, with so much variety, the contests between teams are a sight to see.

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Protective gear includes padding for the torso and back, plus helmets with a full face shield. Not only does this prevent anyone from getting an eye shot out, the padding incorporates sensors that register hits electronically, eliminating any arguments along the line of “I hit you!”/”Nuh uh!”

▼ It’s always best to keep squabbles to a minimum when everyone is packing heat.

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A large scoreboard displays a running tally, allowing you and your teammates to look up and admire your lead even as it dwindles from your enemies shooting you in the back.

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Equipment manufacturer Gunpower shows off the system in this video, which for some reason has musical accompaniment by defunct vocal unit A-Teens.

▼ Does Korea, already having its own highly-developed idol singer industry, feel the need to shoot something when it hears Swedish pop numbers? Or did the video producer get a very angry voice mail the next day saying, “You idiot, I said music from A-Team!”

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Musical preferences aside, Gunpower has put together an amazing setup. Unless you happen to own several city blocks and a handful of extra cars, or have some very understanding neighbors, we can’t think of a better way to get your urban airsoft fix.

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Source: Kotaku Japan
Top image: YouTube
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