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Popular Japanese snack Pocky has had a makeover and they’re now available heart-shaped and in “lucky” blue for a limited time!

We’re sure many of our readers are familiar with Pocky, which are basically thin pretzel sticks covered with chocolate (with one end uncoated of course, so you don’t get chocolate all over your hands while holding them). And we think anyone who has tried them can attest to the fact that they’re awfully difficult to stop eating after having just one or two.

Well, if eating Pocky in large amounts by yourself makes you feel guilty, then Glico, the makers of the snack, have now given all of us a very good reason to share the treat with friends and loved ones. A new, limited edition Pocky that they’re calling the “Blue Berry Pocky of Happiness (Shiawase no Aoi Berry Pocky)” has been released this week, and they’ve gone all out to give the product a cute and lucky feel. They’ve made the pretzel portion of the Pocky heart-shaped and pink, and covered it with blue-colored chocolate!

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According to Glico’s product description, they used a blue chocolate containing blueberry cream for the coating to represent the color of the legendary “blue bird of happiness”, a creature considered to be a harbinger of happiness in various cultures around the world including Japan (where the symbolism became widely known through the play The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck). As you can see in the image above, they’ve even included a small illustration of the blue bird on the front of the package, and they’re promoting the Pocky as a colorful and lucky snack that you’re bound to want to share with your family and friends.

▼ You can see from the package that the cross-section of each pretzel is heart-shaped. The pretzel contains strawberries, which gives it its pink color.

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▼ They’ve also done something playful with the packaging inside as well. If you’re lucky, your Pocky might come in a special “happiness bag”  with a blue bird illustration, instead of a plain plastic bag!

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The “Blue Berry Pocky of Happiness” is available exclusively at convenience stores until February. May the blue sweet snack bring you plenty of happiness this winter!

Source: Nikkei press release
Top image: Glico Pocky website 
Insert image: Nikkei press release

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